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Dia Mirza: “I have never consumed or procured any narcotics”


Tuesdays, the Bollywood actor Dia Mirza on Twitter said “never has any drugs or contraband materials of any kind been accessed or consumed.”

This comment follows reports suggested by the Drugs Control Bureau (NCB) that Mirza should record its comments in relation to a drug-association drug investigation given for Bollywood by the Department.

Dia wrote on Twitter,

“I would like to strongly refute and categorically deny this news as being false, baseless and with mala fide intentions. Such frivolous reporting has a direct impact on my reputation being besmirched and is causing damage to my career which I have painstakingly built with years of hard work.”

“I have never procured or consumed any narcotic or contraband substances of any form in my life. I intend to pursue the full extent of legal remedies available to me as a law abiding citizen of India. Thanks to my supporters for standing by me,” she further wrote.

The name of the actor Deepika Padukone, Managing Director Karishma Prakash, and the CEO of a talent management firm, Dhurv Chitgopekar, have been summoned to the suspected Bollywood drug link by the Narcotic Control Bureau (NCB).

In a number of tweets, Mirza blasted the “frivolous” reporting and said that it can have a negative impact on her career. Chitgopekar is CEO of KWAN talent management, while Prakash is working in the agency.

Taking to her official social media handles, the actress denied all reports against her and deemed them as “false,

The actress took Instagram and wroted, that all the reports against her are “false, baseless and with mala fide intentions.”

In her Instagram post, Dia said,

“I would like to strongly refute and categorically deny this news as being false, baseless and with mala fide intentions.”

The NCB has noticed drug-related talks between the actress and a talent manager who, in turn, is a girlfriend of Keshwani. Details of Dia ‘s 2019 drug sales have also been reported to be obtained by the NCB and their manager has met once or twice the drug dealer.

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