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Discipline like China is not possible in India, focus on improving health infrastructure: Gujarat High Court

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Discipline like China is not possible in India, focus on improving health infrastructure: Gujarat High Court

Gujarat High Court said that discipline like China is not possible in India. (File photo)


The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday said that the state government should develop the health sector structure keeping in mind that the epidemic may be swept up to the third or fourth wave as people wear masks, maintain social distance and regulations like hygiene Not going to follow The court found that discipline like China cannot apply in India.

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A division bench of Justice Bela Trivedi and Justice Bhargava D Kariya told the Gujarat government that the infrastructure of health facilities would have to be reformed to deal with any new wave of pandemics. The court made this remark during the hearing of a public interest litigation on Kovid-19 situation in Gujarat and other issues related to it. The court said that health facilities in rural areas of Gujarat need to be improved for the long term, and not just to deal with the second wave of epidemic.

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The bench said, “What to do about the third and fourth pandemic?” After the third wave, the fourth wave will come because the people of the state are not going to wear masks and follow the rules of social distance. Nobody is going to do this in this country, so a new wave will come every six months. “During the hearing, the court told the Advocate General Kamal Trivedi,” With this understanding you have to prepare yourself. ” In view of the epidemic, India was compared to European countries, the court said, India can be compared to only one country, which is “unmatched”.

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He said, “You only have to compare China.” It is unmatched. Discipline like there cannot be enforced here, so improve the health structure. “To this, Trivedi said,” Somebody has rightly said that we have paid the price of democracy. “The government lawyer assured the court That the government is doing everything possible to ensure compliance with the rules related to Kovid.

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