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Distances in father-son relationship: Jaan admitted communication gap with father Kumar Sanu, said – once we talk then it will be better

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John Kumar Sanu revealed his relationship with father and veteran singer Kumar Sanu. Former Bigg Boss-14 contestant Jan admitted during a recent interview that there was a communication gap between him and Kumar Sanu. He also said that his father had mixed fillings for him. During this time, Jan also gave a statement on the question raised by his father a few days ago.

Once we talk we’ll be better
Jan said, “I haven’t had a chance to talk to my father yet. But I think it would be better once we talk. Because I think there is a communication gap from both of us. As far as the question raised by my father on mother’s upbringing is concerned, I think the whole world has seen how well my mother has raised us. “

Kumar Sanu raised questions on raising his son
A few days ago, in a Bigg Boss show, Jan made a controversial comment on the Marathi language. On this statement of Jaan, Kumar Sanu distanced himself from his son. After this, Kumar had said that the wife and son have not been living with him for 27 years. The statement given by John Kumar Sanu shows how his mother has brought him up. Later Kumar Sanu was overturned by his statement and said that, his mother has been brought up well by her mother. She has done everything she could as a mother.

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John Sanu was furious when he questioned the upbringing
In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar after getting evicted from the show, Jan had said, “No one has the right to question my upbringing. Sadly my father is doing this. I admit that I had inadvertently made a mistake. . I did not deliberately speak against the Marathi language. Even if I made a mistake, they have no right to make a video against me and put it on social media. “

What was life’s control
A video of Kumar Sanu’s son Jan Kumar Sanu went viral on social media. In this, he made a controversial statement on Marathi language. He had asked a Bigg Boss contestant not to speak Marathi and said that he was irritated by it. However, he later apologized for his statement.

Kumar Sanu defended his son
Kumar Sanu defended him later on the son’s comment, saying, “My son Jaan is a very nice person in real life. He is of very helpful nature, but the circumstances that led to Bigg Boss house put him under pressure.” Gaya. Under such conditions and pressures you often say things that you don’t say in real life. Right now, in many cases, it is very small. “

Kumar Sanu was advised to change his name
Recently, singer Kumar Sanu also advised Jaan to remove his name (Kumar Sanu) from his name. In a conversation with the Times of India, Kumar said, “I heard him say in an interview and in Bigg Boss house that his mother has paid the duty of both the parents. I showed him for the mother I appreciate the honor. I also believe in giving a response to her mother. She should name herself Jan Rita Bhattacharya and not Jaan Kumar Sanu. Further explaining the reason, Kumar Sanu further said that first of all Rita ji Has done so much for his life and secondly that people will compare him to me, which is not good for being a newcomer.

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Rita was 6 months pregnant when Kumar divorced
If we talk about the relationship between Kumar Sanu and Rita, then both of them got divorced in 1994. Rita was then 6 months pregnant. Kumar divorced Rita and married Saloni Sahu. Saloni and Kumar have two daughters. After coming to Bigg Boss, Jan had told that after divorce, Rita gave him the love of both the parents.

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