Divya Bharti Birthday: Did Divya Bharti ‘punish’ herself? 12-15 cut marks of blood were on hand

Divya Bharti is such a beautiful name in the world of Hindi cinema, who showed her bully in the industry in just one year. Innocent face, savory style, sweet smile and the secret behind that smile is a mysterious reality, whose truth is still in doubt. On 25 February Divya Bharti’s Birthday is. At the age of just 19, Divya said goodbye to this world. Divya’s success and popularity can be gauged from the fact that she acted in 10 Hindi films in just 1 year. Divya is not among us. She went with her on many such questions, to which no one has answers yet. One such incident is of the day when Divya’s hands had not one, but 10-15 cut marks of blood.

Divya fell from the balcony while drunk


In 1993, Divya died in an accident on the ill-fated evening of 5 April. She fell down from the balcony of her house. There were many stories about his death. Divya’s death in police files is an accident. She was drunk at the time. But Fans also considered Divya’s husband and lover Sajid Nadiadwala responsible for it somewhere.

Was Divya so upset that she punished herself?


Divya was as happy as she was on the screen, in real life she might be as disappointed or say that immersed in worries. His love and marriage to Sajid Nadiadwala were hidden from the world. It was a decision taken to give a flying career to a budding actress. But was Divya so upset because of these reasons that she used to cut her hands with blood? Was Divya Bharti hurting herself?

Shantipriya saw Divya’s cut marks on a trip


File photo of Shantipriya

Actress Shantipriya, who made her Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumar, made a sensational disclosure about this. Talking to ‘Navbharat Times Online’, Shantipriya said, ‘Mary and Divya Bharti met during a tour. She was very bubbly and a girl of Innocent Nature. She was young, but she spoke openly. For a week we went on a tour to Bahrain and the UAE. Meanwhile, Divya’s eyes were on me. He had 10-15 cut marks on his hands. I was shocked to see this.

‘Divya lived in depression, not new cut marks’


Shantipriya adds, ‘Divya used to live in depression too. Once during dance practice, I saw 12-15 cut marks of blood in Divya’s hand. I was worried about what was happening to him. The scars were not new, some were old. Those marks did not appear to be an accident, rather it was clear that the blade had been cut by hand. I thought she should talk to him about what the problem was, but I never asked.

‘Probably why I couldn’t ask him the reason’


File photo of Divya Bharti and Sajid Nadiadwala

Divya was 19 years old when Shantipriya was talking. That is, the story of falling from the balcony and a few months before his death. Shantipriya says that we did not spend a lot of time in each other’s life. Perhaps this was the reason that many times she could not ask him about those cut marks even after seeing him sitting alone and silent. Shantipriya says, ‘Then there was a lot of discussion in the media that Divya is going to get married. He is no longer among us. I am sorry that I could not talk to her on her problems then. ‘


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