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DNA ANALYSIS: After 397 years, rare occurrence in an environment, understand what is the science of short days, long nights?

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New Delhi: Yesterday, December 21, was the shortest day of the year in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, the Northern Hemisphere. Here the small day means that the rays of the sun lay on this part of the earth for the shortest time. That is, the day of December 21 was short and night was long.

In the language of science, this Astronomical Event is called Winter Solstice. This event happens every year. That is, every year is the largest and shortest day on the northern and southern hemisphere of the Earth. But you must be wondering why this happens, then today we will try to explain this unique incident related to the earth to you in simple words.

First of all, understand the Equator. It is an imaginary line that divides the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth. The part below this line is the southern hemisphere and the top is the northern hemisphere. That is, this line divides the earth into two parts. While traveling the Sun, its rays fall in different parts of the Earth. It is only when this happens that the sun rises in one part and when the rays of the sun do not fall on that part, it becomes night there. That is, this is the science of day and night. Now here we tell you how in this process days become shorter and nights become longer.

Actually our earth is not straight. Meaning that the axis of its rotation is not perpendicular. The earth is tilted at an angle of 23 decimal 5 degrees. At this angle, when the Sun is present in the northern hemisphere of the Earth and is in the Tropic of Capricorn, the rays of the sun do not stay on this part of the Earth for much longer. This makes the days here shorter and nights longer. This Astronomical Event is called Winter Solstice. This event is seen every year between 20 and 23 December. December 22 last year was the shortest day of the year in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere. India comes in this part. Although this incident does not have much impact on our country. There is a difference of only one to two minutes in our day. But in the countries which are close to North Pole, it shows the most impact there.

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Like today, the sun appeared in Saint Petersburg, Russia at 10 am and the sun set at 3.53 pm. That means the day there was less than 6 hours. Similarly, the state of Alaska in the United States had a day less than four hours. Talking about India, the sun rose in Delhi yesterday, 21 December, at 7.10 am and the sun set at 5.29 pm.

However, it is not the case that the situation is the same in all countries on earth. In the countries of the Northern Hemisphere, where today is the shortest day of the year, today it is the biggest day of the year in the countries of the southern hemisphere. These countries include countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This means that the winter season begins on the part of the earth where the sun’s rays fall short, and where the sun’s rays fall more, the summer starts. This process goes on like this.

We hope you have understood the science of short days and long nights. So now we want to tell you about the second largest Astronomical Event of 21 December tomorrow.

Jupiter and Saturn i.e. Jupiter and Saturn are very close to each other. It is called The Great Conjuction in the language of science. This coincidence happens when two planets are very close to each other and something similar is happening in space right now.

After 397 years, the union of Jupiter and Saturn could be seen. These two planets were present at a distance of 0.1 degree from each other at this time. According to the US space agency NASA, such a meeting of these two planets was seen earlier in the year 1623. That is, it is a rare and amazing event of space.

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On 26 October, these two planets were far away from each other. But later this difference kept narrowing and at the moment these two planets are seen in the same form. If you want, it can also be called a rare union of Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter takes about 12 years to make one round of the sun. Saturn ie Saturn completes one round of it in 29 decimal 4 years. But when both these planets are orbiting the Sun, then every 20 years, they are very close to each other. This happened in the year 2000 too. But then this coincidence was made during the day, so it could not be seen. But now it can be seen.

This coincidence is also rare because after this, only in 2080 will Jupiter and Saturn come so close and they can be seen.

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