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If you notice these differences in the results of measuring blood pressure, then be careful

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There is a saying that the right hand does not have news of the left hand. You must have heard this saying many times. But today we want to tell you that if you keep the news of both your right and left hands, then you can know your future.

A new research has shown that if instead of measuring blood pressure with just the right arm, it can be measured with both arms, then you can get an indication of future diseases. Blood pressure from both arms
If there is a difference of more than 10 in its results, then you need to be careful. If you also have your own BP measuring machine, then you can do a reality test with that machine now. There have been many researches before on measuring blood pressure both ways. But Britain’s University of Exete has done a research by combining 24 different studies together.

What is the correct measurement of blood pressure?

This study has been published in a medical journal called Hypertension. According to this, if there is a huge difference in the blood pressure of both the arms measured at the same time, then the risk of getting heart disease, stroke or other diseases increases. Just as astrologers tell the future with hand lines, in the same way this method of measuring BP can open your health horoscope.

Today you should also know what is the true scale of blood pressure.

Blood pressure level should be 120/80 in a healthy body.

In this, the top blood pressure is called Systolic and the lower blood pressure is called Diastolic Blood Pressure. In common language, it is called Upper and Lower Blood Pressure. Your upper blood pressure should be 120 and lower blood pressure 80. According to the new standards, it has been changed slightly. Now upper blood pressure 130 and lower blood pressure 90 are also considered as normal blood pressure. But when you consider yourself to be a BP patient, the answer is that if your upper blood pressure has gone above 140 and lower blood pressure above 90 and it remains constant then you may be a patient of hypertension. .

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At present, there are about 20 crore 70 lakh people in India with hypertension. The surprising thing is that 24 percent of these people do not know that their blood pressure has crossed the Line of Control. Apart from this, it is also a matter of concern that only one patient out of 7 is taking medicines to control blood pressure.

In medical science, hypertension is considered an incurable disease in which the patient has to take medicines throughout his life. It is colloquially called BP pill. But by improving your lifestyle, this disease can be easily avoided. You do not have to increase your blood after seeing this news of ours because we believe that along with the knowledge of the disease statistics, you should also know the measures to avoid the disease. In our report, you will definitely get some healthy tips to avoid blood pressure and fight this disease.

Rajiv Singh Tanwar, 52, who lives in Delhi, has been suffering from hypertension ie high blood pressure for the last few years. Rajiv has to measure his blood pressure every four days. Rajiv Singh has always measured BP with only one arm. But today, when reading is taken from both the arms, the difference has come more than 10. Rajiv does not know what to do with this difference.

The greater the difference in blood pressure taken from both arms, the greater the risk of other diseases. If you do not already have any other disease, then there is an increased risk of chest pain, heart attack and stroke. A difference of more than 10 in blood pressure indicates that there may be blockage in the artery of the heart. This problem affects about 10 crore people in the country. According to the study, the correct way to measure blood pressure is to measure it with both arms. Many doctors who treat heart disease have started measuring blood pressure in this manner.

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Like this England study, 3400 patients over 40 years of age were examined at Massachusetts Hospital in the US in 2017. These were patients who had no symptoms of heart disease before. The investigation found a difference of 5 in systolic blood pressure in one arm and the other. But in 10% of these people the difference was found to be more than 10. These people were supervised for 13 years. Symptoms of heart attack, heart stroke and heart disease were found in 38% of people with a difference of more than 10.

Ways to avoid hypertension

High blood pressure is not a disease occurring in a day or a month, it gives you signs from time to time but you ignore these gestures. If the body is considered a machine for some time, then its main part i.e. your heart sends blood through the veins to other parts of the body with a correct pressure. But when you change your eating habits and lifestyle in a wrong way, it has a bad effect on the blood veins. This vein weakens and starts shrinking. This causes your blood pressure to rise and you become a patient of hypertension. To avoid this:

Take a 5-day walk or workout a week.

Eat fresh food and reduce the use of salt in food.

Alcohol and smoking are major causes of high blood pressure, stay away from them. Distance from smoking is very important.

The more you stay away from stress, the better.

And most importantly, control your weight.

By the way, doctors recommend keeping a BP Monitor at home after the age of 30, so that you can check BP by yourself from time to time. In the battle of high blood pressure, a correct blood pressure machine can be helpful for you.

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The right way to check blood pressure

If you check blood pressure at home, then today we also tell you the correct way of doing this.

Your heart rate must be normal before measuring blood pressure. If you have come on foot or done a workout, then take some rest, there should not be any tension or feeling of anger in your mind.

– Do not drink cigarettes and alcohol for half an hour before checking blood pressure.

– Sit up straight and keep your feet straight for a few minutes.

– With the help of the elbow, keep it in such a way that it comes to the heart level.

– Tie a bandage on the upper part of the arm and check the blood pressure according to the installation of the machine

For at least 15 days, check your blood pressure at a fixed time in the morning and evening and note it in a diary.

In this way, a chart of blood pressure will be prepared for you. Based on this, your doctor can decide whether you are a patient of hypertension or not. This will make your fight against blood pressure a little easier.

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