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DNA ANALYSIS: Know how Pakistan has been using this path of terror for 73 years at LOC?

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New Delhi: You will often hear news of Pakistan’s ceasefire violation on Line of Control. You must also have been told that the Indian Army strikes hard in response to any such attack and sometimes even destroys Pakistan’s posts with the help of Rocket Launchers and Anti Tank Missiles. You must be wondering what is the route Pakistan has been using to infiltrate India for the last 73 years. Till November this year, Pakistan has violated ceasefire more than 4 thousand times, the highest in the last 17 years.

First of all, in the war of 1947, there was fierce fighting between the army of India and Pakistan in Rajouri, Nowshera and Poonch. After this, in the year 1965, Pakistan attacked Jammu to cut Kashmir from the country. For Pakistan’s terrorists, this area is the easiest route to infiltrate into India. To show this path, we will take you to a post of Indian Army, just 600 meters from LoC in Rajouri, Jammu and Kashmir. Wherever these days Pakistan is trying to send terrorists.

We want to tell you about the bunker of the Indian Army here. The distance of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir i.e. PoK from this bunker is just 680 meters.

Nakayal, a terrorist launch pad of PoK, is 18 kilometers.

-The distance of this post from the terrorists training center, Kotli, in PoK is about 50 kilometers.

PoK’s Mirpur is about 114 km from this bunker, which is the terrorists’ Recruiting Center.

The distance of Pakistan’s Headquarter Rawalpindi is 178 kilometers.

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Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is within reach of the Well Army.

Overall, despite the difficult situation, the enthusiasm of Indian soldiers on LoC is not low.

The war to end terrorism

Our soldiers here every day keep defeating Pakistan and winning India and to show their valor, we have prepared a Special Ground Report from LoC. You should watch it carefully, because this is the place where the war to end terrorism never ends.

The pictures from the Line of Control present the entire truth of the ground report from Jammu and Kashmir. But Indian soldiers have three deadly weapons such as anti-tank missile, rocket launcher and medium machine gun to fail any Pakistani attack.

You must have seen the exact attack on the bunkers of Pakistan in these old pictures. Its target is unmistakable and the target collapses in a blink of an eye. This attack is carried out by anti-tank missiles and it can destroy even strong bunkers up to a distance of 5 km.
Rocket Launcher is the second weapon of Indian soldiers. They give tremendous firepower to attack for about 1 kilometer.
Apart from this, Indian soldiers are posted round the clock with media machine guns. They are aimed at Pakistan and fingers are on the trigger. Pakistan’s outpost is only 600 meters away from here and this medium machine gun can hit for a distance of two and a half kilometers.

Not only weapons, these soldiers also have indigenous drones for surveillance. This technology keeps an eye on the terrorists without informing them, and with their help, an accurate attack on the terror of Pakistan also takes place. Earlier this month, the Indian Army had failed the infiltration of Pakistan’s terrorists and there were packets of Made in Pakistan biscuits and juice.

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Even after this, if a terrorist accidentally enters the Indian border, then our soldiers here destroy them in the jungles. This Indian jawan is a wall of security amidst dense forests and due to their constant vigilance, this area has become a graveyard for Pakistan’s Border Action Team, ie BAT and terrorists.

The weight of this slab is two kg and the weight of bulletproof jacket is 10 kg.

Easiest way to enter India

For 73 years, this southern part of the Pir Panjal range has been the easiest route for terrorists to enter India. After the winter snowfall, Pakistan trickes India every year by sending terrorists through this route and by violating the ceasefire, Pakistan also fully helps these terrorists.

Victims of this ceasefire violation in Pakistan make innocent people in the villages near LoC. There is shelling in these villages about 7 to 8 times every month. People here live in fear of death every moment and many people have lost hands and feet after being injured by cross-border shelling.

The Indian Army eliminates these terrorists to keep you safe. But this great war against terrorism will not be complete without your help. Therefore, instead of supporting those who ask for evidence from the army, they will definitely support these brave warriors.

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