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Truth of serious allegations on false media report, know the biggest truth of the award return gang!

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New Delhi: Two thousand and twenty years ago, there was a king in the city of Ujjayini, whose name was Shudraka. Shudraka wrote a play called Mritchkatikam. Mrithaktikam means earthen toy or earthen cart. In this play, a dialogue was written at that time, which means in Hindi, one is afraid of slander rather than death. There is fear of loss of fame and blurring of fame because the attack on your identity is more deadly than the wound inflicted on your body. Why would you say all these philosophical and psychological discussions right now?

On Saturday, a news came and went quietly. There was no discussion of this news. There was no debate on this. Why did this happen? This news was related to the apology of Congress leader Jairam Ramesh in which he apologized to Vivek Doval, son of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

Vivek Doval on 17 January 2019, Congress veteran and former Union Minister JaiRam Ramesh (Jairam Ramesh) made serious allegations. The allegations were made on the basis of an article printed in a magazine named Caravan. In the article Vivek Doval (Vivek Doval) And his company was accused of scam. Vivek Doval sued Jairam Ramesh for willfully defaming him. That is, it was a defamation case.

This became a big issue during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Social media and politics dominated. A lot of written reading was done on this, but Jairam Ramesh apologized when there was talk of proving it to be true in the court.

Jairam Ramesh was also forgiven by Vivek Doval, but on this apology, no one discussed the false news of Jairam Ramesh and the fabrication of Caravan magazine, nor was any action taken on this magazine for false journalism.

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Now the question arises that why this false and defamatory report appeared on this magazine and its website before the election? How did a responsible person like Jairam Ramesh make the allegations public without confirmation? Why was any news report believed without investigation?

The answer to all these questions is hidden, between the allegations of dock journalism and the truth of court journalism, and the truth is that all these court journalists were treated. Who create misleading news about anyone. It is published through Media Houses supporting the ideology of the parties. Then the leaders of that party hold press conferences and during the elections try to make the atmosphere in their favor. That is, it is a kind of hit and run plan. Whose formula is that first make false accusations, then propagate that lie and if caught lying, apologize quietly and clear the case. Such fabricated allegations are also made against Zee News and the same formula is used against us. This is real dock journalism and after accepting half the unfinished news of this dock media as true, the eminent people of the country start returning the award.

After the events of Dadri in UP and Kulbargi in Karnataka in 2015, many litterateurs and writers announced the return of the award. When our team did a study on Sahitya Akademi Award, it was found that 39 writers associated with Sahitya Akademi had announced the return of the award.

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Only 13 of the 39 writers of the Award Return Gang sent back the souvenirs.

– Only 13 authors returned both money and souvenirs.

4 out of 39 writers did not offer to return the prize money.

-35 writers said to return the prize money to the Czech Sahitya Academy.

-4 writers only announced the return of the award. He neither offered to return the souvenirs nor the prize money. The checks of those who returned the checks were never put in the bank because, nowhere in the Constitution of the Sahitya Akademi, there is a mention of the manner of returning the award. That is, even if a prize is returned, they cannot be withdrawn.

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During the investigation of the Sahitya Academy Awards, we also came to know that the members of the awarding jury join the list of awardees a few days later and those who received the award become members of the awarding committee.

Many people who play such a game are involved in the Award Return Gang while they know that the awards are not returned after taking the award.

There is one more thing to note here. That is, have you ever heard that a soldier returned bravery awards. Returned Paramvir Chakra, returned Mahavir Chakra or returned Ashok Chakra. This happens because these awards are won on the strength of valor and valor, while the number of those who return the award after being infected with court ideology is very high in this country, but it is good in a way because, on the strength of flattery The prizes won must be returned.

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