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Why the demand for ban on Republic Day parade?

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The Republic Day Parade was organized for the first time in the history of India on 26 January 1950. On 26 January 1950, the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, announced the historic birth of our Republic by hoisting the tricolor of India after the 21-gun salute. This was the first Republic Day celebration of the country. The then President of Indonesia, Dr. Sukarno, was the chief guest of India’s first Republic Day celebrations and our country became a republic after 894 days of independence from the British. At that time, 100 aircraft with 3 thousand soldiers and officers of the army also participated in this parade.

Why the demand for the 2021 parade to be canceled after 71 years?

India of the year 1950 has now entered 2021 and this India dreams of becoming the world’s superpower. A picture of our dream is also seen in the Republic Day Parade. Republic Day is a symbol of unity, integrity and independence of India and this parade is the national pride of 135 crore Indians. But 71 years after India became a republic, there is now a demand to cancel the 2021 parade.

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has canceled his India tour and is no longer the chief guest at the Republic Day parade. So why not go one step ahead and cancel this whole ceremony?

This is the same Shashi Tharoor who talked about canceling the NEET exam for Medical Entrance. We had also said the same that in view of the future of the students of the country, NEET examination should be held and this examination was held in September last year and now the Republic Day parade should also be held to follow the tradition of the nation.

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Shashi Tharoor has made the Corona transition an issue to cancel the parade. At this time, the whole country is moving forward with Social Distancing. Your office is working Business is taking place in the markets as before and soon children’s schools can also open. If the whole country can walk, then why stop the Republic Day parade itself?

Issues being created for Boris Johnson not coming to India

This dispute has started from Britain about six and a half thousand kilometers from India. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was the chief guest at this year’s Republic Day parade. The Second Wave of Corona infection has arrived in Britain and the lockdown has been tightened there. Now for these reasons Boris Johnson has canceled his visit to India. At this time Boris Johnson is required to stay in Britain. But his absence from India is now being made an issue and a negative view is being given to cancel the parade itself.

This time the parade will be like this

However, due to corona infection, this time the parade on Rajpath on 26 January will also be short. This time the length of the parade has been reduced by almost half from the previous year.

This time, less people will get the chance to see Republic Day celebrations in Delhi and ticket sales will also be less. Only children above 15 years of age will be able to participate in the parade and this time there will be less people in each contingent. So that Social Distancing can follow.

The way the Republic Day parade was organized in the last 71 years has changed.

The beginning of the tradition of celebrating Republic Day

Between the years 1950 to 1955, the place of the Republic Day parade changed frequently. During this time, the Republic Day parade was also held at the Red Fort, National Stadium, Kingsway and Ramlila Maidan and the tradition of celebrating Republic Day at Rajpath started in the year 1955.

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In modern times, this parade of Rajpath has become an annual tradition of our Republic. Republic is given a lot of importance in our country. We are also proud to be the largest democracy in the world and this spirit is reflected in the valor and valor of our army and security forces at Rajpath. India’s state-of-the-art weapons are displayed in the Republic Day parade on Rajpath. Army Tanks, Fighter Aircrafts, long range missiles and new military technology also form part of this parade. You can also call it India’s power show in front of the world.

Very few of you have seen or know about the weapons of the army from close quarters and by watching this parade, you get the right information about the power of your forces.

If you also stand around Rajpath on 26 January, then you can feel patriotic respect and passion of nationalism. Overall, it is a day of new energy in the Indian Republic.

World’s fourth most powerful army

India’s forces are at the forefront of the Republic Day parade. It is the fourth most powerful army in the world. Which shows the resolve to protect the nation’s power and borders. Because of these, the challenges of all the enemies of the country seem easy.

You saw the heroes of the surgical strike in this parade in the year 2020. In 2016, the brave soldiers of Parachute Regiment were attacked by crossing the Line of Control and after that might, for the first time you saw the soldiers of Special Forces at Rajpath.

Whenever the heroes of the country are mentioned, people often talk about the actors and players of the film screen. Often such people forget the army and security forces, while these soldiers who sacrificed for our security are our true heroes. In the Republic Day parade, there are paramilitary forces after the army and then the police, NCC and tableaux of the states, departments and ministries of the country.

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This is such a unique day when by staying in one place, you can see the tableau of the whole of India’s civilization and culture and understand the feeling of unity in diversity.

These tableaux are a rare opportunity to see the development in all the states of India in a way and every state also displays its characteristics in front of the whole world.

Republic Day can also show the challenges that the entire country has faced in the last 1 year with great difficulties and thinking of canceling this parade will also be unfair to 135 crore people of the country.

Victory Day Parade in Russia’s Capital Moscow

After this pandemic, the pace of the world has slowed down a bit, but it has never stopped. In the month of June last year, Victory Day Parade took place in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Due to Corona, it was organized on 24 June instead of 9 May 2020. The military parade was held in Russia for the first time in 1945 after defeating Nazi Germany. In this parade, armies of 19 countries joined with Indian soldiers and the Defense Minister of the country Rajnath Singh was also present in this parade. There were about 64 thousand spectators to see it and the number of soldiers involved in it was more than 14 thousand. The Russian government celebrates it as a national festival and it is similar to our Republic Day parade.

Presidential elections were held in the United States in November last year in the Corona period itself. America is number one in the world in the case of Corona virus infection. Despite this, the presidential election was not postponed there and now on the 20th of this month, the elected President of America, Joe Biden will be sworn in as well.

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