Do not download fake files of Battlegrounds Mobile on the Internet, will be a huge loss

Battlegrounds Mobile India download

New Delhi. Battlegrounds Mobile India has been introduced in India last week as an alternative to PUBG Mobile. For the past year, Pubg was waiting for the return of Mobile’s Junkie Pubji, but this game could not make a comeback but the company has announced to launch another game similar to that in India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India game was announced in the Indian market last week, due to which many fake APK files and fake download links have been generated on the internet, so beware of downloading.

PUBG Mobile’s parent company Krafton has announced the launch of the new Battle Royale Game in the country soon, but has not given its due date. In such a situation, people who are waiting for it eagerly have started searching it on the Internet. In such a situation, those searching for Battlegrounds Mobile India may find fake APK files or download links. In such a situation, using them can prove to be harmful for you and your phone.

After the game was announced last week, Cyber ​​Criminals has flooded the internet with fake and fraudulent download links offering claims to download Battlegrounds Mobile. If you search Battlegrounds Mobile on Google, then you will see thousands of options related to its downloading.

As of now, Krafton has not announced any APK file related to this game, then it is clear that all these links and APK files which are seen on the Internet and social media are completely fake. In such a situation, downloading them or accessing them can prove to be harmful.

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Krafton had made it clear that it would open its pre-registration before launching Battlegrounds Mobile India. No information was given about this game. At present, it is not known when the game will be available to play in India and when registration will be operational and on which platforms it will be able to play. If there is nothing clear about this, then these fraudsters are taking advantage of people through fake things. According to media reports, Battleground Mobile India in India can be introduced in the month of June.

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