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Donald Trump should not be able to enter the UK after his demise: Scottish minister demands

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There has been a demand to ban US President Donald Trump in United.  (File photo)

There has been a demand to ban US President Donald Trump in United. (File photo)

Scottish Law Minister Hamza Yousaf has urged British Home Minister Priti Patel not to allow Donald Trump to enter the United Kingdom after his removal from office. Earlier, Nicola Stergione, head of the Scottish Government, has also expressed displeasure over the trump.

London. After the embarrassing ruckus in the US capital Washington (DC), Scottish Law Minister Humza Yousaf has demanded the entry of Donald Trump into the United Kingdom. He has demanded from Britain’s Home Minister Preeti Patel that once Donald Trump leaves his post, he should not be allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

Hamza Yusuf has written – Once Trump leaves his office, if he wants to come to the UK, then the Home Minister should seriously consider not giving him entry. If the presence of the applicant is not in the interest of the common people, then the Home Minister has such rights. Trump has consistently promoted racial discrimination and has now instigated a violent mob.

Earlier there were reports that Donald Trump would go to Scotland on January 20 and not attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. But even about this, the head of the Scottish Government, Nicola Stergione has said – ‘I do not see coming to our country to play golf with any serious work.’ Seeing the disdain of Stergione’s statement, it was being speculated that he was willing to not allow Trump. Now Stergione has tweeted extremely aggressively, even after the fiasco in Washington. He has written – The scenes coming out of Capitol are very frightening. I want to show solidarity with those who are in favor of democracy and peaceful transfer of power. Shame on those who instigated this attack on democracy.

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Significantly, the incident in Washington has also been condemned by British Home Minister Preity Patel. He has written that the undemocratic and unsustainable toleration scenes are coming to light in Washington. There can be no explanation for this violence and Donald Trump should condemn it immediately.



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