Drug Case: Karan Johar issuses a statement after allegations

Drug Case Karan Johar issuses a statement after allegations

Filmmaker Karan Johar made his first comment in months among all the controvercy In his first statement. Reports suggested that the NCB was preparing a review of an old video uploaded by Johar from his party that was attended by many Bollywood celebrities. Many believed that this party’s stars took drugs because most of them looked stoned.

Since the NCB had intended to probe the video, Karan Johar’s house party in 2019 was under radar. In this regard, the filmmaker took his social media to quiet down the accusations against him.

The entire film industry was in the middle of the NCB investigation. The agency has identified numerous personalities in Bollywood, among them Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor.

The film maker said he would not take drugs or encourage the use of any such product in a lengthy post on Instagram.

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“I had already clarified my position way back in 2019 that the allegations are completely baseless and false. No narcotics substance was consumed in the party. I would like to unequivocally once again state that I do not consume narcotics and I do not promote or encourage consumption of any such substance.

All these slanderous and malicious statements, have unnecessarily subjected me, my family, and my colleagues, and Dharma Productions, to hatred, contempt and ridicule.

I would like to further state that Kshitij Prasad and Anubhav Chopra ‘ I do not know these individuals personally and neither of these two individuals are ‘aides’ or ‘close aides’. Neither I, nor Dharma Productions can be made responsible for what people do in their personal lives. These allegations do not pertain to Dharma Productions.

I wish to further state that Anubhav Chopra is not an employee at Dharma Productions. He was briefly associated with us for only two months in the capacity of 2nd assistant director for a film, between November 2011 and January 2012 and as assistant director for the short film in January 2013. He has thereafter never been associated with Dharma.

Mr. Kshitij Ravi Prasad joined Dharmatic in November 2019 as one of the executive producers on contract basis for a project which eventually did not materialise.

However, in the past few days, the media has resorted to distasteful and false allegations. I hope the members of the media would exercise restraint else I will be left with no option but to legally protect my rights against this baseless attack on me.” Karan Johar said.

Bollywood celebrities quickly expressed their unity and empathy for the filmmaker’s declaration. Many such stars have shared their solidarity, including Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Vicky Kaushal and Sonam Kapoor by liking his message.

In his Bandra apartment on 14June, Rajput, 34, was found dead. His death caused much outrage in the media and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Directorate of Compliance (ED) and the NCB are now investigating the incident.

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