Employee reaches bank with oxygen support, accuses officers of harassment

Employee reaches bank with oxygen support, accuses officers of harassment

Bank employee reached oxygen support, serious allegations leveled against officials


Inhuman picture of Punjab National Bank has been revealed in Bokaro, Jharkhand (Jharkhand). PNB officials have accused the employee of harassment. After recovering from corona virus, the employee, who is suffering from respiratory problems, alleges that he is being called on forced duty. He is also being treated unfairly with respect to salary. PNB Bank has been very bad in the case. There is no official statement from PNB in ​​this matter. When asked, the authorities remained silent and kept on saying anything.

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The matter is related to Punjab National Bank located in Sector 4 of Bokaro. Arvind Kumar, working here, said that he had become infected with Corona a few days ago. He said that he had just recovered after being in fever for 10 days. As soon as he recovered, he had a problem of lung infection. They are on oxygen support since then. Arvind alleged that even in this condition bank officials call him at work. They also tussle with the payment. Tired of resignation, no one accepted it.

Arvind Kumar, a bank worker living in Sector 2 of Bokaro, was having difficulty in breathing. When the bank was called again and again, he reached the bank today with oxygen support. Arvind was also with his family. Arvind reached the bank by putting a mask on his mouth with an oxygen cylinder. Everyone was surprised to see Arvind in the bank. When Arvind screamed and told about his problems, no bank worker or officer appeared around him. His breath began to swell in the bank due to screaming. There was an uproar in the bank about this matter for some time. When there was an attempt to talk to the officials on Arvind’s allegations, all the silence remained tight.

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