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Exclusive: Corona killed on Republic Day! 3.3 km parade and only 25000 spectators, special instruction to children

The parade of 26 January remains a center of attraction in the country and the world. When the power of the country comes out on the Rajpath, the whole world sees. But, this time Republic Day will be the most different yet. This is due to Coronavirus Epidemic. The government has issued several guidelines for the corona epidemic and those guidelines will be strictly followed in the Republic Day celebrations. The most important of which is to reduce the distance of the parade by half. Now the parade will start from Vijay Chowk and end at the National Stadium. Earlier this parade used to go to Lalqila. That is, the distance from Vijay Chowk to Lal Qila is about 8.2 kilometers, but the distance from Vijay Chowk to the National Stadium is just 3.3 kilometers, that is, we can say that this year’s parade will end in less than half the distance.

The rules of social distancing of Corona will also be followed in the parade. Every time there were 144 soldiers in marching contingent, but this time only 96 will be involved. The parade used to be held in 12/12 size content, while this time 8/12 will be a marching contingent. Not only this, the number of people watching the parade on Rajpath has been reduced to a great extent. Earlier about one lakh fifteen thousand people watched the parade but this time only 25 thousand people will be able to watch the parade. All Corona protocols will be followed during the event.

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This time, people who come to watch the parade with tickets will also have to fight hard for their tickets. Every year about 32000 tickets were issued, now only 7500 tickets will be sold. The number of media persons has also been reduced from 2500 to 750. There will be no reserved enclosure this time for school children to watch the parade. At the same time, seating for 50 disabled adults will be arranged in a place reserved for disabled children.Rules set for school children this year as well

Like every year, rules have also been set for school children to participate in this parade. Accordingly, children below 15 years of age will not be allowed to participate in the parade. At the same time, complete treatment of medical and sanitization will be done keeping the corona in mind. If sources are to be believed, this time the number of entry and exit gates are also being increased. Thermal screening is being arranged at every gate. Hand sanitizers will also be placed in more than 300 places. At the same time, many Kovid booths, doctors and paramedicals will be deployed. The army squad that will take part in the Republic Day parade is still rehearsing the Army Day parade. Republic Day will be rehearsal after the Army Day Parade on 15 January. Covid-bubbles have been made for all the soldiers participating in the parade, i.e. they have been isolated after the necessary tests. The Kovid protocol is being followed in full.

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