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Expert team of Bharat Biotech, who developed covaxin vaccine

The turning point in the fight against Covid-19 in India is considered to be the approval of the vaccine. After the approval of two India-made vaccines from the Drug Controller General of India (DGCI), it is also interesting to note that one of these two vaccines has been developed by Indian scientists in India itself. The results of which appeared in trials. The vaccine developed by Bharat Biotech Company has been played by Dr. Krishna Alla and Dr. Sumati K, two of the best scientists in the country for vision and mentoring.

Bharat Biotech, who was a research scientist in molecular biology, founded Bharat Biotech and is the company behind the first Indian vaccine against Kovid 19. Dr. Ella, who was educated at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Hawaii, Manoa, tells you further because according to ‘Lady’s First’, Dr. Sumati’s discussion is necessary first.

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Sumati’s role in KovacsinDr. Sumati K, who was a key part of the core team of Bharat Biotech formed for the development of Kovid vaccine, played a special role. Previously successful in the mission of making vaccines for Zika and Chikungunya, Dr Sumati has obtained a PhD in Life Sciences from JNU and a Commonwealth Scholarship from University College and IISc Bangalore in London.

Farmer’s son created history
Dr. Krishna Alla studied at the University of Wisconsin and University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has also worked at the Medical University of South California. In 1996, Ella started her own company, which now employs thousands of employees. Prior to Kovaxin, his company Bharat Biotech has also been vaccinated against chikungunya, zika, rotavirus, rabies, Japanese encephalitis and H1N1.

It was the team of Ella’s company that developed the tetanus toxoid combination vaccine for typhoid for the first time in the world. Born in a Tamil farming family, Ella has been awarded more than 100 national and international level awards so far. Ella is included in the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Union Cabinet. Apart from this, Ella is a member in many committees related to science and technology. Ella is also the founder of BioWet and Innova Food Park.

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Who else was on the Kovacsin development team?
In addition to Dr. Ella and Dr. Sumati, Dr. Ella’s son Dr. Rachez also played an important role in the Corona vaccine development team. Ratches has also written a research paper on the safety and resistance of covaxin. Rachez, who has done data analysis and collaborative preparation for the first few vaccines, is the project lead for the vaccine at Bharat Biotech as well as head of business development.

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Raches is a PD Fellow in the Department of Public Health at John Hopkins Bloomberg School. Kovaxin was developed in the Bio Containment Facility of Bharat Biotech. The company, which has 140 global patents in its name, counts 16 vaccines as its product.

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These are also the facts of Kovaxin’s story
The National Institute of Virology as well as the country’s top medical institution, ICMR have been partners in the development and production of covaxine. In July 2020, this vaccine was approved for trial across the country. The final trial of this vaccine was carried out at around 26,000 people at 25 centers across the country. After the approval of this vaccine, Dr. Ella said that his company intends to provide it worldwide.

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