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Farmers our Annadata, they should not be called Naxal and Khalistani: Rajnath Singh

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Today is the 35th day of the Farmers’ Protest against the new agriculture laws of the Modi government. Today, the seventh round of the farmers’ organizations is to be held with the government at 2 pm. Meanwhile, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has expressed his objection to the farmers being labeled as ‘Naxals’ and ‘Khalistani’. The Defense Minister said, ‘These allegations should not be levied by anyone on farmers. We express our deepest respect to farmers. They are our contributors. We bow our heads towards the farmers.

In an interview given to the news agency ANI, Rajnath Singh said these things. He said, ‘We respect the farmers. The government is ready to discuss every issue of agricultural law with farmers, new laws are for the benefit of farmers. If anyone has any problem, the government is ready for discussion.

On the farmers ‘movement, the Defense Minister said,’ Some forces have tried to create some misunderstandings among the farmers. We have also talked to many farmers. My only request to the farmers is that it should be discussed segment-wise and look for a ‘yes or no’ answer. We will pledge.

The slogan of “Maar Jaa, Jaar Jaa” raised against the PM, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, “The derogatory remarks should not be made against the PM.” PM is not just an individual but an institution. I have never used derogatory words against a former Prime Minister. The slogans of “Maar Jaa, Jaar Jaa” were chanted against the PM, I felt really sad.

No country has the right to speak on the farmers’ movement
Rajnath Singh objected to the comment of another country on the peasant movement. He said, ‘I would like to say about the Prime Minister of any country that comment should not be made about the internal affairs of India. India does not require any external intervention. This is our internal matter. No country has the right to comment on our internal affairs.

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