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Fear of bird flu in Sonbhadra: Cows found dead in many places; People are scared about the possibility of bird flu, doctors collect samples for investigation


After the Corona epidemic, the bird flu crisis is happening in Uttar Pradesh. There is an alert in the state about this. Meanwhile, 09-10 crows have been found dead in Sonbhadra district. This has caused fear of the outbreak of epidemic to the people around. The forest department and the doctors who arrived after receiving the information have started investigating. A sample of dead crows has been taken.

Cows found dead in many places
Around 9-10 ravens were found dead one by one near the Hanuman temple located in Chopan, Churi Gali, Bari and Chowki complex of Dala area in Chopan police station area. A crow died suddenly near the house of Dala resident Kaushal Rai. It is said that a crow was also found dead near the temple situated in the Dala police post. Due to the death of crows in many places, there is a danger of bird flu in the area.

The animal department also became active as soon as several crows were reported dead. A team arrives at Dala to investigate. The investigation team found the crows dead at different places in the Dala area. Those have been suppressed in the pit. A sample of crows has also been sent for investigation.

Crow lying dead in Sonbhadra.

Vet advised people to take precautions

Veterinary Officer Dr. Satyaprakash said that the death of crows was reported. Bird flu is found in other birds including chicken. If this happens then other birds also die. The doctors are currently investigating. People have appealed to be cautious.

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