‘Fired tear gas on govt employees to test it,’ says Pakistan minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed


Pakistan’s Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, who remains in news for his weird statements, has once again made it to the headlines after he said that tear gas was fired on government employees to ‘test it’. The Pakistan police had on February 10 fired tear gas at government employees who were protesting to demand an increase in their salaries and pensions.

During an event in Rawalpindi, the minister said that the Islamabad police “fired a little tear gas”, and it was necessary to test it since the tear gas canisters had been unused for a long time, Dawn reported.

“Only a little was tested, not a lot,” he claimed.

Rashid, who was part of the government committee, said that the “real problem” was not the tear gas shelling but the pay raise that “amounts to billions of rupees in this time of inflation [and is a burden on the] treasury”, Dawn reported.

The Interior Minister minister has acquired loads of backlash for the remarks.

“In any other country, a statement like this would mean immediate firing of the minister and an apology from the government,” mentioned PML-N chief Mohammad Zubair.

“To the fascist, douchebag interior minister Sheikh Rasheed, people suffocating to death is a joke,” tweeted filmmaker Haroon Riaz.

According to a report by Samaa TV, no less than 2,000 individuals had gathered and deliberate to march in direction of Parliament House when the police fired tear gas to cease them.Earlier, the federal ministers, together with Rasheed, have mentioned the federal government will fulfill calls for of the protestors.

However, the protesters have reiterated that the federal government can have to difficulty a notification confirming the rise of their salaries.

(With ANI inputs)

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