Follow the laws of the country Twitter- Government said on new digital rules

Follow the laws of the country Twitter- Government said on new digital rules

India condemned Twitter’s response to the new digital rule. (Symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

Foreign social media companies have got mixed response to new digital rules in India. One of these Twitter has not satisfied the Government of India with its reply. The Indian government today opposed the claims made in a statement given by Twitter. Reacting on Twitter, the government said in its statement, “India has a glorious history of freedom of expression and democracy. Protecting freedom of expression in India is not just the privilege of a private person. Foreign organizations like Twitter are playing with it for profit. ”

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The IT Ministry said that Twitter’s statement is an attempt to impose its conditions on the world’s biggest people. Twitter wants to deliberately influence India’s legal system by the way it works. In addition, Twitter is refusing to follow the same rules in the intermediary guidelines. On the basis of which he can be protected from any criminal liability in India. The big question is that if Twitter is so committed, why did it not set up such a system in India on its own?

MeitY Release On Twitter by Sumana Nandy

Twitter representatives in India regularly claim that they do not have any rights. For anything related to Twitter, the people of India will have to contact the Twitter headquarters in the US.

The IT Ministry said that Twitter’s commitment to Indian users seems hollow, but seems to be purely selfish. Twitter has a large user base in India, Twitter earns significant revenue from its Indian operations. Despite this, there is no interest in appointing officers and mechanisms, Chief Compliance Officers and Nodal Officers for redressal of grievances of Indian users.

The rules give rights to common users .. which constitute a means of redressal of their grievances against defamation, distorted images, sexual exploitation and other abusive content in violation of the law. The IT Ministry said that these new digital rules were finalized in India after extensive possible consultation with representatives of social media platforms. The Ministry of Electronics and IT put the draft rules in the public domain and appealed to the people to react to it.

The ministry received a large number of responses from individuals, civil society, industry associations and organizations. A large number of people expressed their opinion on all these reactions. There are also various judicial orders directing the government to take appropriate steps by various courts including the Supreme Court of India. There are also many parliamentary debates and recommendations to take appropriate measures.

Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution. The Indian government respects people’s right to ask questions and also criticizes these social media platforms, including Twitter. The government equally respects the right to privacy.

However, the only example of crushing freedom of expression on Twitter is Twitter itself and its opaque policies, which result in the suspension of people’s accounts and tweets are deleted randomly.


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