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Gandhi family trying to end Congress conflict

New Delhi. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has called the leaders of G-23 to meet tomorrow. Sources say that along with the leaders of G 23, many senior leaders of Congress (Senior Leaders) will also be present in this meeting. Apart from Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are also said to be involved in the meeting. Before understanding the internal discord of the Congress, its background also has to be understood.

Recently, 23 Congress leaders had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi questioning the party leadership and its style of functioning for two consecutive Lok Sabha elections and the shrinking mass base of the party. It is believed that the way Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of the Speaker after losing the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and after that, the way Congress leaders are angry with the way Rahul Gandhi is running the party from the back door. Many of these leaders have also made public statements and brought the arrogance inside the party into the public domain. This meeting by Sonia Gandhi means that the leadership cannot ignore such leaders.

What do G-23 leaders want?
The first demand of G-23 leaders who wrote letters to Sonia Gandhi is that there should be a full-time president of the party. No one should run the party through the back door. If Rahul Gandhi wants to lead the party then he should take responsibility for the post of president, but in the coming days if a leader of Rahul Gandhi supported by Rahul Gandhi comes out for the post of president then the leader of G23 also stands his candidate in the election The second demand of G23 leaders is that the members of the Congress Working Committee should be elected. The position should not be given through nomination so that the accountability of the leaders can be decided in the coming time. There is also a demand from the leaders of the G23 that posts in regional units should also be given through organizational elections.

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What will be the challenge of Gandhi family in tomorrow’s meeting?

The biggest challenge before the Gandhi family, which is leading the Congress, is how to keep the new and old generation leaders together in this hour of crisis. The problem is that after the death of Ahmed Patel, the link between the Gandhi family and other party leaders has been broken. In such a situation, Sonia Gandhi recently gave the responsibility of Madhya Pradesh’s former Chief Minister Kamal Nath to convince the angry G23 leaders. Also, in the recent working committee meeting after the death of Ahmed Patel, Priyanka Gandhi reiterated that the true tribute to Ahmed Patel will be that the party remains united.

However, after tomorrow’s meeting, it will be decided whether the leadership of the Congress will remain in the hands of the Gandhi family in the coming time or the party will be divided into two parts regarding the next president.

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