Google Doodle Honors Udupi Ramachandra Rao: Google Doodle on 89th Birthday of ‘Satellite Man of India’

Google Doodle Honors Udupi Ramachandra Rao: Google Doodle on 89th Birthday of 'Satellite Man of India'

Google Doodle: Google honored Udupi Ramachandra Rao

Special things

  • Google honored ‘Satellite Man of India’
  • Udupi Ramchandra Rao’s 89th birthday today
  • Udupi Ramchandra Rao is known for his satellite program

New Delhi:

Google Doodle On Udupi Ramachandra Rao: Today is the 89th birthday of Dr. Udupi Ramchandra Rao, who has given a new direction to India’s satellite program. On this special occasion, Google has honored him by making Udupi Ramachandra Rao Google Doodle. He is also called ‘Satellite Man of India’ because of his special satellite program. Through his leadership, India launched its first satellite Aryabhata in space in 1975. Professor Udupi Ramchandra Rao is considered to be instrumental in taking Indian astronomy to such a height. Professor Udupi Ramchandra Rao was born in 1932 in a village in Karnataka. After completing his doctorate, he moved to the US and worked at NASA.

Also read

Rocket technology was also developed by Prof. Udupi Ramachandra Rao as a Polar Satelline Launch Vehicle, which launched about 250 satellites. At the same time, in 2013, India launched Mangalyaan satellite through PSLV, which orbits Mars today. Let us tell you that many films have been made in India related to space and science, which along with telling about the achievements of India, have also presented many stories related to science to the audience. This includes missions from Mars to rocketry.

1. Mission Mars
Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha and Taapsee Pannu starrer Mission Mangal is based on Mangalyaan launched in 2013. Through this film, it is told how the ISRO scientists together successfully completed this mission and launched Mangalyaan.

2. Rocketry: The Numbi Effect
Rocketry is an upcoming Indian biographical drama, which is based on the life of Nambi Narayan. Nambi Narayan has been a former scientist and aerospace engineer of the Indian Space Research Organization. Along with directing this film, the producer also produced actor R.K. Madhavan is doing.

3. Space 9000 kmph
The film, released in the year 2018, is based on a satellite, which revolves around the moon. It is shown in this film that the Indian satellite loses its connection with the station along with its speed. At the same time, Dev, who left the space station five years ago, has been told about how to handle the situation again.


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