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Harish Rawat’s demand – Bharat Ratna to Mayawati and Sonia Gandhi, BSP angry

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Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat wants the Bharat Ratna to be given to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi and BSP chief Mayawati. He has demanded the award of both to the Government of India through social media. For this, Rawat has cited women empowerment. However, the BSP has questioned Rawat’s efforts. The party alleged that this is a tactic to fool the public.

Rawat said, ‘Sonia Gandhi and Mayawati have made a big contribution to women’s empowerment’. He said, ‘Both Sonia and Mayawati are great politicians. Once someone can disagree with Gandhi’s politics, but cannot deny his work in women’s empowerment. According to Rawat, today she is seen as an idol of feminism. At the same time, he also praised Mayawati fiercely.

Congress national general secretary Rawat said, ‘Similarly, Mayawati raised her voice in favor of the oppressed and backward classes. Apart from this, a sense of trust has been instilled in them ‘. The Congress leader has appealed that this year the Government of India should honor both women by giving them Bharat Ratna. After this demand of Rawat, politics has started.

Also read: Akhilesh Yadav welcomed Mayawati against Corona vaccine, congratulated scientistsGautam of Bahujan Samaj Party said, ‘His demand is nothing more than a tactic to fool the people.’ At the same time, he has also raised questions on the Congress government. He said, ‘Earlier the Congress government had failed to give high respect to Dalit icon Babasaheb Ambedkar. This was possible after the demand of BSP founder Kashiram Sahu and other BSP leaders including Mayawati.

He said, ‘We were asking for the same honor for Kashiram Sahu, but when the Congress was in power, he did not pay attention to it. Now when they are not in power, they are raising such demand. Apart from this, the Bharatiya Janata Party has also raised questions on Rawat’s demand. BJP said that Rawat wants to set a wrong example by giving high respect to someone who is facing court cases.

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