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HBD Govinda: Sartaj Govinda of Bollywood’s ‘Hero Number One’ and Dance of 57 years

Mumbai. Today is the 58th birthday of Bollywood number 1 actor Govinda (Govinda), who speaks his wonderful dance and dialogue. Govinda, who has worked in Bollywood for nearly 30 years, is known for his dance as well as his laugh. He made a special place in the hearts of the audience with his dancing style and comedy. Born in Mumbai on December 21, 1963, Govinda belonged to the film family. Since childhood, Govinda used to dream of becoming an actor.

Govinda started his film career with the 1986 film Iljam. The song ‘Street Dancer’ of this film became very popular. After this Govinda’s image became that of a dancing star and filmmakers fiercely redeemed this image in his films.

By comparison, we assess the talent of anyone, but Govinda is among those artists whose comparison is not possible. In dance you compare Govinda with Mithun Da but in the dialogue delivery there is Mithun Da Talab and Govinda is a wavy river. Today, even though Bollywood may have sidelined Govinda and made fun of his films, there was a time when you would get a little Govinda in every house in North India.

People used to copy Govinda and tried to look like him, speak and dance. The film was seen on the first VCR of CDs and DVDs. When the film ‘Swarg’ appeared in the VCR, the entire village used to cry. When the elderly Rajesh Khanna felt pity, the boys started planning themselves to go to Mumbai with the help of Raju Maan, a forced Seth. Govinda was very famous among the women. Serials were not reached in the villages then, but there used to be a center of discussion between women, Kader Khan and Govinda. Not only this, people had seen Govinda so much with Karisma Kapoor that they started considering both of them as husband and wife.

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Govinda was perhaps the first Bollywood artist to use jibris very well. Govinda’s ease with dialogues sets him apart from the rest of the cast. On the other hand, Kader Khan, in his loud voice, used to go out and beat Govind Jibrish. Govinda’s comic timing was so powerful that at times actors like Shakti Kapoor also seemed mild in front of him.

If you are watching a scene in which Govinda is there, then you cannot divert your eyes from Govinda because his energy level is much higher than the rest of the artists. This is the reason why a popular star like Salman Khan is walking down his shirt and wearing Govinda, you will still see Govinda. Because Govinda is doing a lot by doing nothing.

There was a time when the audience liked whatever Govinda used to do. Only Govinda can give many hit films on the same story line. Govinda gave a lot to Bollywood. Different and unique, time changed and many artists came, but the space left by Govinda is still empty and it cannot be filled even by Govinda himself.

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