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HBD Govinda: When Govinda did not get a job in a hotel due to not speaking English, today Bollywood superstars are

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Today is the 57th birthday of Bollywood’s famous actor Govinda. On this special occasion of his birthday, from fans to Bollywood stars, many congratulations are being given to him. Govinda, who stepped into Bollywood in 1986, has done many hits in the film world. People still do not get tired of praising him for his work. But Govinda made this identity in Bollywood after many attempts. There was a time in Govinda’s life when he was wandering from place to place for jobs. In an interview given to actress Simi Grewal, Govinda told that he had gone to the Taj Mahal Hotel for a job. But he was not given a job because he could not speak the English language.

Govinda told during the interview, “I went to the Taj Mahal Hotel for a manager’s job, but that job was not given to me, because I could not speak English. I could not speak in front of them.” During the interview, Simi Grewal told Govinda that he had once said that the anger he got when he saw his mother struggling, has made him a star. Talking about this, Govinda said, “Many times, when you come to know that someone is going through a bad phase of life, the only one being a hard struggle. Especially one and one mother, who has six children Is trying to cope with everything. While maintaining his dignity, maintaining his family, which has to marry four daughters. So it is very difficult. ”

Govinda further said, “There have been many things that sting, I have seen them going through everything. I wanted to change it and change it as soon as possible.” Talking about his film career, Govinda went on to say, “When I stepped into the film world, many new producers came, who didn’t know much about my family. I had to wait hours to meet them It was understandable. I understood why he used to talk in a certain way, but he never allowed this thing to come between me and my art. ”

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Talking about how he chose his work, Govinda said, “I followed my mother’s advice. They told me that you have got work, trust in your God, and keep working. Keep working Do the work, do it honestly. ” Let us know that Govinda, who entered the Bollywood world in the year 1986, left no stone unturned to win the hearts of people with his work. He made his mark in social drama from comedy films.

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