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HBD: Javed Akhtar said – people ask to cut the cake, it feels strange because …

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Mumbai. Bollywood veteran writer-songwriter Javed Akhtar is going to celebrate his 77th birthday on 17 January. He was born on 17 January 1945 in Gwalior. Akhtar told that, ‘When people ask me to cut the cake, I feel strange, because I am not a child.’ He further said, ‘Birthday is a ritual. If there is love, then friends come. If you are born in a good family, where parents enjoy celebrating birthdays, then you feel happy, but we did not see celebrating birthdays.

Poor children do not celebrate birthdays and I started celebrating birthdays only after growing up. He is accompanied by his wife-actress Shabana Azmi, who is currently shooting in England. He says that he will not have a birthday party. I am not doing anything and I doubt that there will be any change due to anyone, especially Kovid-19.

In his trademark humor, Akhtar said that, the last year has passed like never before. Senior writer admits that in 36 years of marriage, we and Shabana have never spent so much time together as last year in 2020. He told about his married life, ‘We are both forced travelers and usually stay away from home, so it was pleasant to stay at home together for more than 3 months. Shabana and I enjoyed our Khandala home, which we used to visit on weekends only on special occasions. We watched many films, read a lot and introspected. We found time to be with ourselves. Of course, we are privileged, so there was no problem but there were many for whom 2020 was a difficult time.

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Last year, there were rumors of his son Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar planning to get married after being together for three years. Has he talked to Farhan about his marriage or rumors? To this, Javed said, ‘I believe that once children become adults, they have the right to their privacy and should not ask any personal questions. If they tell you about personal life, then you should listen, but never check or inquire. This is not a good thing. If my children want to share with me about their personal life, then I will be most happy to hear this but I never ask personal questions to my children.

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