Hollywood star Will Smith and his family Meets Sadhguru: See Pics

Hollywood star Will Smith and his family Meets Sadhguru: See Pics

Hollywood actor Will Smith and his family have recently spent time with the spiritual leader Sadhguru. The founder of the Foundation Isha is en route through the USA for 10,000 miles. As part of his journey he met Smith, one of his fans.

On his bike, Sadhguru is seen arriving at Smith ‘s home. During the conversation, the actor said, “Sadhguru is in town. I have been following him for a while. He wrote a wonderful book called ‘Inner Engineering’. I want my family to meet spiritual people, to start interacting with people who are not hooked on the material world.”

The spiritual guru had previously posted pictures of the meet on Twitter, and now posted a behind-the-scene video of the meet on his Instagram handle.

Sadhguru posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “Will Smith Hosts Sadhguru: A Behind-the-Scenes Look @willsmith. Will Smith welcomes Sadhguru home to spend quality time with his family. They share heartfelt conversations, profound poetry, and enjoy Sadhguru’s wit & wisdom!”

Sadhguru took to twitter on share his photographs with Will Smith on Friday. The double stood together and giggled and even looked serious during the discussion. The spiritual guru had written that it was a joy for him to spend time with Will and his ‘wonderful family.’

See some pictures below:

In the video, Will Smith says he’s been watching Sadhgur ‘s work for a while now. “Sadhguru is in the city. I’ve been watching him for a while now. He’s written a great book called Inner Engineering. I want my family to encounter spiritual people, to start connecting with people that are not attached to the material world, “he said.

It’s not the first time Will Smith has visited India. Previously in the past, the Hollywood actor even graced his presence in the country and took part in the Haridwar Ganga Aarti. Will also opened up his social media managing experience, writing, “Traveling to India and seeing colours, people and natural beauty, has brought a new insight into myself, my art and the world’s truths.”

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