How long the risk of infection in people with mild symptoms of Covid-19?


Covid-19: Non-symptomatic and mildly symptomatic corona patients are likely to spread the infection for a maximum of ten days. American scientists have claimed this. Scientists made this claim based on a review of several prior research conducted on the spread of a patient’s infection.

The study has been published in a journal titled ‘Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology’. Researchers at the University of Oregon Health and Science University and Oregon State University reviewed a dozen scientific studies on the corona virus.
Researchers also found that patients who have severe corona infection in their body can spread the infection for up to twenty days. That is, the virus can remain in their body for such a period and the virus can spread from that patient to other people as well.

Review of 77 international studies

The study was conducted on the basis of a review of 77 international researches on the patient’s infectious period. In all these researches, infection was detected in patients by PCR screening.

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