how to cleanse crystals

Crystals are used by many people to relax their mind, body, and spirit. Crystals, according to some, have an energy effect, sending natural vibrations out into the globe.

Before a purchase, crystals frequently travel considerable distances from source to seller. Each transfer exposes the stone to energies that are potentially out of sync with your own.


These stones are claimed to absorb or divert the negativity you’re striving to expel when utilised for healing.

  1. Water is thought to neutralize and return any negative energy held inside the stone to the earth. Although natural running water, such as a stream, is preferable, you can also use a faucet to rinse your stone.

Make sure your stone is totally submerged in whichever water source you’re using. When finished, pat dry.

1 minute per stone (about).

Hard stones, such as quartz, can be used with this.

This should not be used on fragile or fragile stones like selenite, kyanite, or halite .

3 . Rice (brown)

In a safe and restricted environment, this procedure can also be used to pull out negativity. Protective stones, like as black tourmaline, benefit the most from it.

Fill a bowl halfway with dried brown rice and bury your stone beneath it. After the cleaning, throw away the rice because it is thought to have absorbed the energy you’re attempting to get rid of.

Estimated time of completion: 24 hours

This can be used on any stone

Make use of a larger stone

Clearing smaller stones can be aided by large quartz clusters, amethyst geodes, and selenite slabs.

Any of these stones can be placed within or on top of your stone. The vibrations of the larger stone are considered to eradicate the inharmonious energy present mal the resting stone.

Estimated time of completion: 24 hours

This can be used on any stone.

Take a deep breath

Breathwork can also be used to cleanse the body.

Hold the stone in your dominant hand to begin. For a minute, concentrate on your intention and inhale deeply through your nose.

To raise the stone’s vibration, pull it closer to your face and exhale short, vigorous breaths through your nose and onto the stone.

Per stone, the period is around 30 seconds.

This is good for: tiny stones

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