How to unlock characters inbrisk of rain 2

How to unlock characters inbrisk of rain 2

Do you want to know that , How to unlock characters inbrisk of rain 2 , read full article . Risk of Rain 2 has been gaining traction on Steam as we approach the end of the year and the start of the new year. This latest rogue-lite game is shaping up to be an all-around fantastic experience with a high replay value that can be enjoyed alone or with friends.


Start a game to unlock Commando.
Commando is the game’s first character, and all you have to do to get him is start a game. You’ll be playing with him before the next character is unlocked, but he’s a good all-around class. He has a few abilities that have short cooldowns and are useful in battle.

Commando’s basic attack is fast and simple to use. If you manage to line them up, his secondary skill will strike several enemies at once. He also has a dodge trick that he can use to get out of trouble.


To get MUL-T, you must beat the first level five times.
At any time, MUL-T can switch between two types of attacks. His first weapon is a short-range nail gun that is useful for crowd control when many enemies are present. His other attack is a long-range sniper, which can be used to pick off enemies from afar.

MUL-T also has a speed sprint that can be used to flee from enemies quickly. Cluster grenades are another weapon in his arsenal, and they can be used to shock and injure enemies.


Huntress is a character with a lot of versatility and a lot of DPS. Due to the poor health associated with high mobility, be prepared to use your abilities to evade enemy attacks at all costs. She has high area damage and can shoot enemies while sprinting.

She has the ability to sprint and bounce off enemies up to six times, and one of her attacks suspends her in the air, which you can use to get out of a tight spot.


Mercenary is a melee character who might be a good fit if you prefer close-quarters combat. For his melee attacks, he wields a sword that helps players to execute combo attacks.

This character is also ideal for boss battles and large groups of enemies. His laser sword slice for 130 percent in front of him, with every third hit dealing 300 percent damage in a larger field. Whirlwind slices horizontally twice for a total of 200 percent per time, or vertically if done in the air.

Binding Assault is a useful agility ability that allows you to dash forward and stun enemies up to three times. Because of his cybernetic upgrades, he can still leap twice.


The engineer is a defensive-minded character with a large toolkit at his disposal. To take down enemies and help your team survive, use dual-turrets, mines, or shields with the engineer.

To get the best out of this character, you’ll need a more strategic approach and good timing. With abilities like Bouncing Grenades, Pressure Mines, Bubble Shields, and TR12 Auto Turrets, he’s a perfect utility character for co-op action.


You must bring the Fuel Array item from the pod you crash landed in all the way over to Rex’s body to activate Rex. The Abyssal Depths are where you’ll find Rex (one of two possible 4th levels). Unfortunately, the Fuel Array object is unstable, and if your health drops below 50%, it will explode and kill you.

Rex is a brilliant crowd control player who plays at a high risk level. When you use any of his moves, they deplete a portion of his fitness. On the plus hand, when used correctly, they can do a lot of harm.


There’s a secret cave leading up to a purple portal underneath the Bazaar in the Bazaar Between Time. You can enter the Void Fields through this portal. To unlock this character, you must first complete all nine challenge cells.

Acrid has a passive poison ability that causes enemies to lose 10% of their maximum health over time when they are hit by such attacks. Poison will not destroy your opponents, but it will deplete their health.


Defeat all enemies along the way as you encounter Sky Meadow and progress through the stage. To unlock The Captain, get to the final boss and beat him.

After the official release of Risk of Rain 2, this is the most recent character. The Captain is a survivable and supportive character. He is an excellent addition to any squad.

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