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If Rahul Gandhi’s stance is against Bhagwat, Modi government will also call him a terrorist

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again attacked the Modi government over agricultural laws. Rahul Gandhi met the President and talked about the problems of farmers. President Ramnath Kovind After talking to the media, talking to the media, Rahul Gandhi said that those who speak against the Modi government, they start calling them terrorists. Rahul said, “If tomorrow the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat goes against this law, he will also be declared a terrorist.”

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who came to meet President Ram Nath Kovind about the farmers law, while responding to the BJP’s charge of Khalistani supporters in the farmers movement, said, ‘BJP and Narendra Modi ji have only one goal and that farmer- The worker has understood. Their goal is to benefit their rich friends, whoever stands against Narendra Modi, they keep saying something wrong about them.

The Congress leader said that I want to tell the PM that these farmers are not going to return home until these agricultural laws are repealed. The government should convene a joint session of Parliament and withdraw these laws. Opposition parties stand with farmers and laborers. Read also: Kisan Andolan: Farmers will not return home till law is repealed- Rahul Gandhi

You have an incompetent person – Rahul
On meeting the President, Rahul said. ‘I told the President that these agricultural laws are anti-farmer. The country has seen that farmers are against these laws. Rahul asked, ‘China is still on the border. China has taken away thousands of kilometers of India’s land. Why doesn’t the PM speak about it, why is he silent? ‘ Rahul said that you have an incompetent person who does not understand anything and is running a system on behalf of 3 or 4 other people who understand everything.

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