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Ignorance in corona virus study … Shocking information to be released from China ..!

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oi-Arsath Kan


Updated: Sunday, January 17, 2021, 21:48 [IST]

BEIJING: Woohan laboratory researchers have now admitted that corona-infected bats were bitten during a study on the corona virus.

How the corona virus that plagues the world spreads and what its origins are is constantly being explored. Various shocking reports have now surfaced that the corona virus was first reported to have spread from a fish market in Wokan.

Is this how corona virus spread to humans ?: Wuhan lab scientists admit being bitten by Covid-infected bats

In a video taken two years ago, it was revealed that researchers at the Wukan Institute of Virology had conducted a study on the corona virus, in stark contrast to World Health Organization regulations, in other words, without following any safety rules.

A video of him exploring without a mask and gloves initially exposed China’s recklessness in the matter. Meanwhile, a researcher who commented on another similar research event said that during a study of bats in a cave, it was like tearing off a glove and stabbing a sharp needle in the hand.

Corona infection in Tamil Nadu .. 589 people infected .. 770 people discharged .. 7 people died ..!

This shows how lenient China’s initial handling of the corona virus issue was. China, meanwhile, has said from the beginning that no research is needed on where the corona virus originated.

But World Health Organization (WHO) experts in Wuhan, China, are investigating the origin of the corona virus. Full details are expected soon.

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