Ijaz Khan who was homeless from ‘Bigg Boss 14’ said, I have the Holy Trophy, the rest went to get oil

Even though Pavitra Punia became homeless from ‘Bigg Boss 14’ and now Eijaz Khan is also not a part of it, she truly considers herself the winner of this season. Pavitra has finally got true love and Humsafar as Ejaz Khan. Pavitra says that now ‘Bigg Boss 14’ trophy (Bigg Boss 14 Trophy) No matter who gets it, they still have the love trophy and that is Ejaz Khan.

Describing himself as the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Pavitra has shared some romantic pictures on her Instagram account with Ejaz and has written, ‘When I am with you, I feel like the whole zoo is with me. I have the trophy, of love. # Tellenegaebakisub. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Pavitra has done this post on the occasion of Valentine’s Day after being homeless from Ejaz’s house. Ejaz was out of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ for the last few days due to a shoot of one of his projects. Devoleena Bhattacharjee was playing as her proxy inside the house. Now Ijaz was about to enter the house that Devolina became homeless and due to this, Ijaz was cut from this season.

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Love in big boss and then express

Pavithra is not sad that Ejaz is homeless and has not become a winner as he has already received his trophy as Ijaz. Let us know that Pavitra and Ejaz came close to each other in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. There were many fights between the two, but they also liked each other in their hearts. While Pavitra had expressed her love for Ejaz at the Bigg Boss house, Ejaz’s love was realized when Pavitra became homeless.

After Pavitra’s departure, Ejaz had expressed his love in front of Sunny Leone and the two proposed each other wholeheartedly when Pavitra came to Bigg Boss house to meet Ejaz.

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Ejaz wrote this post on Valentine’s Day, told the fight with the holy
On the occasion of Valentines Day, not only the holy but Ezaz also opened his heart for him and told that on this day, a small battle also took place. Ejaz has shared a picture with Pavithra, with Ejaz picking up the broken glass and laughing. Together wrote, ‘I love it. The glass was there, no heart, broken …. I don’t mind. Happy love day everyone. It is very super special and today we have a small fight too.

In response to this, Pavitra wrote, ‘Now, our whole life, these small battles.

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