Indian Idol 12: Now Aditya Narayan, saddened by father Udit Narayan’s ‘childish’ talk, said this

In an episode of ‘Indian Idol 12’, Amit Kumar (Amit Kumar) And Aditya Narayan (Aditya narayanUdit Narayan on the dispute betweenUdit narayan), Instead of supporting son Aditya, had said to be childish in him. However, he also said that it is wrong to blame the entire blame on Aditya. But it seems that Aditya Narayan felt bad about being called ‘childish’ by his father.

Actually, there was a lot of controversy between him and host Aditya Narayan after Amit Kumar’s statement about Kishore Kumar’s special episode of ‘Indian Idol 12’. While Amit Kumar made many revelations about the show, Aditya Narayan also gave him a bewildering reply. Reacting to this controversy, Aditya Narayan’s singer father Udit Narayan said that he was childless. Udit Narayan had said that Aditya is currently childish and he is also very emotional.
Indian Idol: Udit Narayan said – ‘Childhood’ in Aditya, Amit Kumar did not have to say such things
Aditya Narayan said – For parents, the son is always the child.
Aditya Narayan seems to have felt offended by this comment from his father. According to a report by ‘Spotboy’, saddened Aditya Narayan said ‘OK sir’ after father Udit Narayan described him as ‘childish’. I am in this world because of my pennants. It ends here. In the eyes of every parent, their son is always a child. I am honest with my work and always will be. Not everyone agrees with my views and that is fine too. ‘
Indian Idol 12: Aditya Narayan lashed out at Amit Kumar again, said- Can’t please everyone
Udit Narayan had said – Aditya is childish
Explain that in the interview given to ‘Aaj Tak’, Udit Narayan had said on the dispute of Aditya Narayan with Amit Kumar that Aditya is still childish but Aditya should not be blamed for this controversy. He had said, ‘Aditya still has a lot of childishness and he is also very emotional. Nobody else said anything in this controversy and everything came over Aditya. Aditya is only anchoring, so it is not right to blame him. ‘

Indian Idol 12: Aditya Narayan said – Amit Kumar was so unhappy then he spoke at the time of the shoot.
Tees in Aditya’s mind, yet he is not praising even after working hard
Aditya Narayan is sad that he is working hard in ‘Indian Idol’ and yet he gets very little praise. He said that the people whom he is entrancing through ‘Indian Idol’ have forgotten that the Corona epidemic has affected him and his home as well. Like everyone else, they too are scared and stressed. Aditya Narayan further said that his parents are on the retirement stage. They are married and will soon have children. In such a situation, they have to run the house and pay the bills. This is the reason why they have to work hard everyday keeping all the fear and stress aside so that they can bring smiles on the faces of the people.


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