Indian Idol 12: Sonu Nigam’s appeal to the makers- Enough has happened, now end the controversy related to Amit Kumar

singing reality showIndian idol‘ (Indian Idol 12) is getting a lot of headlines these days. Actually, a few days ago, Amit Kumar, son of Kishore Kumar, had reached the show as a guest. Amit Kumar had said some such things about ‘Indian Idol’. After which various questions were also raised on social media regarding the show. Now the ex-judge of the show, Sonu Nigam has reacted to the ongoing dispute between Amit Kumar and ‘Indian Idol’. Sonu said through the video, ‘Just end the dispute between Amit ji and ‘Indian Idol’. There is no point in pursuing it. It is not the fault of both of them.

Sonu Nigam while sharing a video on Instagram (Sonu Nigam) wrote, ‘There is a dispute going on for a few days regarding ‘Indian Idol’. I have been listening to everything silently for a long time. Now I think I should speak on this. Amit Kumar ji is a great man. He is the son of Kishore ji. We should respect them and their words should not be misrepresented.

Sonu further says in the video, ‘Amit Kumar ji has seen a lot more world than us. He is a straight and honest man. You are taking advantage of this. Amit ji would never have said that he has been forcefully asked to praise the contestants. Rather, the media would have questioned him by turning around and he would have answered it. Now his answer is being put forward in front of him. Amit ji is neither at fault in this whole matter nor of ‘Indian Idol’.

Sonu says, ‘I will tell Manoj and Aditya not to say anything about Amit Kumar ji. In our culture, we respect elders. A man is sitting still. Kishar is the son of Kumar. Please don’t take advantage of their silence.


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