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Irfan’s Birth Anniversary: ​​Irrfan Khan cried the whole night when he was disappointed by his role in the debut film and kept his head on the shoulder of friend Raghubir Yadav


It is the first birth anniversary after the death of Irrfan Khan. If he were among us today, he would have been 55 years old. He died on April 29, 2020. Irrfan, known as the best actor in Bollywood, has had a lot of ups and downs. Let’s look at some stories related to his life …

The dream was broken even before the shooting of the first film started

Irrfan Khan’s debut film was ‘Salaam Bombay’. The film’s director Meera Nair saw Irrfan at a college workshop. Meera offered him to attend a workshop in Mumbai. Irfan was not happy. 20-year-old Irfan arrived in Mumbai and started living in a flat with Raghuveer Yadav, who was hired to come to Meera.

The film’s story was based on Mumbai’s street kids and Irrfan was featured in the workshop along with some real street kids. Because he was given the role of a street kid Salim in the film. However, two days before the shooting started, Meera cut Irrfan’s role and gave him the character of a letter writer, which was practically nothing. Then Irfan cried a lot by placing his head on the shoulders of his friends Raghuveer Yadav and Sooni Taraporewala. Irrfan said in an interview, “I remember that I cried the whole night when Meera told me to cut the role.”

When I got only 10 lakh rupees to spend 6 months in America

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After cutting the role in ‘Salaam Bombay’, Meera promised her that she would give him the lead role in another film. But he took 18 years to complete it. Meera gave her the lead role in ‘The Namesake’, which released in 2006. However, by that time their struggle was not over. While he was shooting for the film, Meera Nair gave him just Rs 10 lakh to spend 6 months in the US.

Saurabh Shukla gave support to Irfan on the demise of his father

Actor Saurabh Shukla narrated an interesting anecdote related to Irrfan Khan in an interview. According to Saurabh, who was Irfan’s junior at NSD, it was only when the mobile phone had arrived in India and Irfan had the only phone in his entire group of friends.

Saurabh says, “All the messages used to come on his mobile. But he never irrated this. I remember the day when he came from my house with a message that my father was no more. After hearing that I broke down.” But he held me firmly and asked me to keep up the courage for the sake of the family. In those days we barely had money. But Irfan went to the airport and bought me an air ticket. “

Irfan used to cry before every scene of American series ‘In Treatment’

Irrfan Khan worked in the American TV series ‘In Treatment’ between 2008-2010. The serial, based on the story of Jhumpa Lahiri, showed the therapy of a Bengali widower in Brooklyn. Irfan used to cry before every scene of it. They needed to memorize the dialog by filling the page. Then at one time he stopped doing drama. If an actor forgets even two lines, then he was given 15 minutes’ take as the next option. Frustrated Irfan called his friend Naseeruddin Shah in New York for help and the answer was that the easiest formula of success is to remember the lines well. “

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