‘Ishq Par Nahin’ actress Shagun Sharma received rape threats, targeted the family too

TV show ‘Ishq Par Zor Nahi’ (Ishq Par Zor NahiActress Shagun Sharma seen in (Shagun Sharma) is getting rape threats on social media and some people are commenting on her inappropriately. Shagun Sharma is playing the role of Sonali i.e. Sonu in this TV show and the controversy is related to her character.

In the show ‘Ishq Pe Jor Nahi’, it is currently being shown that Ishqui has broken her marriage with Mayank after knowing the truth. This truth of Mayank is related to Sonali i.e. Sonu (Shagun Sharma). Mayank also manipulates Aahan, which makes Ishqi evil. Aahan feels that his friend Mayank’s life has been ruined because of Ishqui and so he vows to ruin her.

Ishki’s character in the show is being loved by the audience and she is getting a lot of love, but hatred and anger is building in their hearts for Sonu. ‘India Forum’ viewers are angry that Sonu i.e. Sonali is not allowing the truth to come in front of Aahan. Since Shagun Sharma is playing the role of Sonu, some people started taking out anger against the actress.

Some fans started calling the actress good and bad and made hate comments. The extent was reached when some people also brought Shagun Sharma’s family in the middle and started threatening the actress with rape. Then Shagun Sharma tried to convince the fans through Twitter that she is playing only a role and is not like that in real life. Fans understand this.

shagun sharma tweet

Regarding this, Shagun Sharma said in a conversation with ‘India Forum’, ‘I always take criticism positively and respect the feelings of the fans as well as their attachment to certain characters. But today the matter has gone too far. I read some comments in which my family was targeted. There was a comment that I should commit suicide and some people even threatened me with rape. Then I felt that now I should speak.’


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