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Iyappan can be seen in Thiruvaparana attire in Sabarimala – Ghee anointing till Monday

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Updated: Monday, January 18, 2021, 10:24 [IST]

Sabarimala: Devotees of Ayyappan can still visit the Ayyappan Temple today with Thiruvaparanas. The Devasam Board has announced that ghee can be anointed till Monday and the Sabarimala Iyappan temple walk will be held on the 20th.

The Sabarimala Iyappan Temple is famous for the Mandala Puja held during the months of Karthika and Markazhi and the Makaravilakku Puja held in the month of January. Millions of devotees visit Sami Darshan every day during the days when the walk is open during these pujas.

Ayyappan can be seen in Thiruvaparana attire in Sabarimala - Nei Abishegam till Monday

Due to the corona this year, only 1000 devotees were allowed to perform Sami darshan daily, then 2,000 devotees, and only 5,000 devotees daily during the Lantern Festival. Due to this, Sabarimala was visited by a small number of devotees this year. Temple revenue has also declined. The zonal puja was completed on December 26 and the walk was closed.

The walk opened on December 30 for the Capricorn Puja. Every day 5,000 devotees were allowed to perform Sami darshan. Only 50 devotees took part in the procession.

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The Maharajoti Darshan took place on January 14th. Only 5,000 devotees were allowed to visit the maharaja on that day. Before the appearance of Maharajoti, the Thiruvaparanas brought from the Pandalam Palace were worn by Iyappan.

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After the completion of the Maharajoti Darshan, the devotees of Iyappan will visit the temple with Thiruvaparanas. Today and tomorrow, during the Supreme Puja and the evening Puja, Iyappan will be shown Deeparadhana wearing Thiruvaparanas.

Pushpanjali was not held this year due to Corona. Thiruvaparanas will be worn for Iyengar during the Pushpanjali on Sunday. Devotees of Iyappan can visit Thiruvaparanam till Sunday, January 17.

Ghee anointing will take place until Monday. Devotees can perform Sami darshan till the 19th. Sabarimala Iyappan Temple Walk is held on the 20th day after the end of the Mahavilakku Puja.

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