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JK DDC Results: Saifuddin Soz said- Congress should support secretaries if needed

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Srinagar. On Jammu and Kashmir DDC election results, senior Jammu and Kashmir Congress leader Saifuddin Soz has said that Congress should support the secretive if needed. The seed will never grow in Kashmir. There are some people who are greedy, but the people of Kashmir will never accept BJP and this is true.

The Congress leader said that it is a matter of shame and satiety for the BJP, who call the gangster a gang, to be lied to in Jamhooriyat Hindustan, to tell such a lie is wrong The party that has gathered there is a big party, the Congress position is lonely.

Soz said that the BJP is trying to trap people by spending money. In front of the Congress, the secret group is the main stream party, my personal opinion is that the Congress should support the secret group if needed.

Explain that the counting of votes for the District Development Council (DDC) election of Jammu and Kashmir is going on, after the removal of Article 370 in the initial trend, the Guptkar Manifesto Alliance (PAGD) is ahead of the BJP.

This alliance of seven parties, including National Conference and People’s Democratic Party, is looking ahead in 25 seats. BJP 38 is ahead in its own party 4 and Congress 6. Voting was held for the eight-phase DDC election in Jammu and Kashmir. This was the first election in Jammu and Kashmir after the removal of Article 370 last year.

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