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Jodhpur: 5 friends doing dangerous stunts from Scorpio on the night of birthday, caught by police and taken behind bars

Jodhpur Five friends were overwhelmed by the birthday party in Suncity Jodhpur city, performing dangerous stunts with scorpions. These five friends first ate food by having a birthday party on the high-way. After that, he carried out murderous stunts with Scorpio on the city’s heart line. After its video went viral, the police arrested three friends and took them behind bars. Remaining two friends are being searched.

According to the police, a black black Scorpio was circling the intersection at high speed late on 4 January at the Jodhpur city heart line new road intersection. This video of Scorpio stunting went viral on social media. On this, the Uday Mandir police took cognizance and registered a case against the youth and started investigation and reached them within 24 hours. The Uday Mandir police arrested three youths for stunting and endangering the lives of people. The police traced the vehicle numbers with the help of CCTV cameras. After that, the youth riding in it reached. Police have arrested Yuvraj Singh, resident of Banad, Jodhpur, Rameez Raja of Medti Gate and Jai Bhati of Mahamandir in this case.

Search for two youths in progress
Uday Temple Police Officer Rajesh Yadav said that Rameez Raza was the birthday of the four youths caught. On this occasion, along with Yuvraj Singh and Ajay Bhati, he gave a birthday party to a total of 5 friends. These people first went to eat food on the high-way at Mandore. After that, while returning to Jodhpur late at night, at the new road intersection, the Scorpio drove at high speed and did dangerous stunts. On getting information about this, the police have registered a case against the youth and arrested three youths. The search for his two other friends continues.

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