Kangana Ranaut Brother Aksht’s Pre-Wedding Festivities Begins-See Video

Kangana Ranaut Brother Aksht's Pre-Wedding Festivities Begins-See Video

Kangana Ranaut ‘s brother Aksht is all set to get hit and started off the wedding feast with a traditional ceremony in Manali. The actress shared a video in which she and other relatives applied Haldi to her brother. . “Today at Nana’s house in Mandi for Aksht’s Badhai, it’s flagging off wedding invites, a ceremony arranged by maternal grandparents,” Kangana had shared along with the video.


In a candid image of the moment, Kangana is seen wiping haldi over Aksht ‘s forehead. She dressed beautifully in a green coloured saree and was seen taking part in pre-wedding ceremonies at home. She further explained the ceremony and listed how it is done at the house of maternal grandparents who are the first people to get the invite to the wedding.


In another post Kangana identified ‘badhaai’ wedding ritual and said it was a Himachal tradition in which the mother’s uncle’s house had been invited first to a wedding. She also showed that the marriage of Aksht is scheduled for November and that everyone will be invited by now that this ceremony is complete .. The ceremony also saw candid photographs of Kangana’s ster Rangoli Chandel uploaded.

For now, both of them were booked in the tweets and interviews by the police in Mumbai for sedition and communal hate. As Kangana laughed at the report, actor lawyer Rizwan Siddique said that the FIR is an assault on the actor’s free speech in the nation. He added that Kangana doesn’t hate any religion at all.

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