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Kangana Ranaut compares the ‘two-piece’ photo to Goddess Bhairavi, her supporters came out in protest


There is an uproar on the picture of the bikini. Kangana’s response to the trolls on putting a photo in two-piece did not go down well with her supporters. Now the supporters are asking Kangana to apologize for the tweet in which she compared the bikini photo to Maa Bhairavi.

Kangana was trolled on a bikini picture
Kangana Ranaut had a tweet on Wednesday. In it, he posted his old picture and wrote that it is a picture of an island in Mexico. Some people did not like this photo of her and trolled Kangana citing culture. Kangana wrote a tweet in response to trolls not to be a contractor of religion. Kangana had tweeted … Some people are giving me the lecture of religion and Sanatan after seeing my bikini picture, what will happen to you if mother Bhairavi comes out with an image of hairless, clothed, blood drinking? Will you burst and call yourself a devotee? Come on religion, don’t be its contractor …. Jai Shri Ram

Supporters also descended in protest, said- Ask for forgiveness
Now Kangna’s tweet has angered her supporters as well. People have demanded Kangana to delete these tweets and apologize. One user wrote, meaning if you supported us, then you will compare our ladies with your naked pictures, this is a really silly tweet. We supported you keeping in mind the atmosphere, it does not mean that you will write anything, apologize for this tweet.

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