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Kangana Ranaut jumped into the toolkit and Twitter controversy, asked – Did we not learn anything from the East India Company?

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After the Toolkit Controversy, on the one hand, there has been an increase in the tussle between Twitter and the Government of India, now in this case Kangana Ranaut (Kangana ranaut) Has also jumped. Recent Twitter suspended Kangana’s account due to objectionable tweets. In such a situation, Kangana, who has already raged on the micro-blogging site, is now raining. Kangana has taken to Instagram to target Twitter. The actress has raised the question that Twitter wants to blast and control the governments, have we really learned anything from the East India Company?

Kangana shared Instagram story
Kangna has also shared the statement of Twitter India on her Instagram story, in which Twitter has argued for the independence of the expression before the government, while presenting its stand. Kangana writes, ‘Poor Twitter is seeking the freedom of its expression, Twitter the great, undisclosed member of Parliament, the world’s highest judge, defender of the moral compass of humanity and his basic ability to demand or force this power or What is credit? ‘

kangana on twitter

‘Followers are easily bought and sold’
Kangana has further raised questions on Twitter alleging that followers are also bought and sold there and that these are the handful of people who take drugs. Kangana writes, ‘Who are they? People who take a handful of drugs, which can be bought and sold comfortably, cost everything from followers to promotional tweets, these are greedy private business men and capitalists of money who want to run countries, threaten governments and Want to control? Have we really learned nothing from the East India Company? ‘

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Kangana Ranaut is studying the history of Punjab

Along with this, Kangana Ranaut has also shared a photo of herself on Instagram on Thursday. In this, she is seen lying in the sun reading the history of Punjab. Kangana posted in the caption, caption, ‘How heartbreaking, conflicting and cruel the history of India is … If you take a side then you are a fool, but if you do not take a side, you are a bigger fool than that. Huh.’

Here, Twitter said- We are committed to the people of India
On the other hand, Twitter has also released a new statement after the central government talks about the new IT rules. It said that Twitter is keen to continue talks with the Indian government even further. Twitter said in a statement that it is committed to the people of India and its service service has proved to be important for public interaction. Twitter has supported people during the epidemic. Twitter further said that as he does around the world. He will also adhere strictly to the principles of transparency in India, commitment to empower every voice in service, freedom of expression and privacy under the law.


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