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Kangana Ranaut told herself to Tom Cruise Well, in a tweet, in terms of stunts, I better …

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Kangana Ranaut’s tweet went viral

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  • Kangana Ranaut’s tweet went viral
  • Told myself better than tom cruise
  • The tweet is becoming viral on social media

new Delhi:

Bollywood’s famous actress Kangana Ranaut is very active on social media. She is also known for her films as well as her impeccable style. Recently Kangana Ranaut has made a tweet, recently Kangana Ranaut has made a tweet, in which she has compared herself to American superstar Tom Cruise. In this tweet, Kangana Ranaut has described herself as better than Tom Cruise in terms of action. Actually, Kangana Ranaut has tweeted this while retweeting a news of NDTV. It was said in the news that according to the action director Kangana Ranaut has done good stunts in the film ‘Manikarnika’ with Tom Cruise.

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Actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted, “This well-known action director who has directed many Hollywood films. He says that I am better than Tom Cruise in terms of stunts.” People are commenting a lot on Kangana Ranaut’s tweet and giving their feedback.

Kangana Ranaut has tweeted in which she compared herself to the famous American actress Meryl Streep and Israeli actress Gal Gadot. Kangana Ranaut wrote in her tweet that the kind of range that I display as a performer, no actress in this universe has yet. This tweet of Kangana Ranaut is becoming very viral on social media, as well as fans are also commenting it fiercely. Sharing these photos, he wrote, “Massive change. The kind of range that I display as a performer, no other actress has yet in this universe. I have characterization of layers For I have Raw Talent like Meryl Streep, but I can do action like Gal Gadot and show glamor too. “

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