Kangna vs Diljit: When Kangana Ranot told Khalistani, Diljit Dosanjh was furious, he said – what is the drama? Punjabis have died for the country

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6 minutes ago

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Diljit Dosanjh has reprimanded Kangana Ranot for her comment in which she in-directly called him Khalistani. Diljit has described it as a drama in his social media posts. He has written several posts one after the other that he has given his life for the country of Punjabis when needed.

This Punjabi pricks you?

In his first post, Diljit wrote, “Sitting on TV and calling himself a patriot. He talks as if the whole country is for him. Whenever the need arises, the Punjabis have given their lives for the country.” Do not listen, but even today if needed, then Punjabis will be ahead. These Punjabis touch you a lot? “

What is this drama?

Diljit wrote in the next post, “TV interview … You asked me this, I gave you this answer. What is this drama? They talk about the country, they talk about Punjab. They argue To take us to a different angle. You want to project us according to yourself. Wow. “

Silence is not good every time

Diljit wrote in another post, “These so-called master-masters do the work of setting fire in the country. I know that it is not right to answer the mess. But they are beheaded. Every time It is not good to be silent. Tomorrow, they will make anyone anything. Punjabis are still alive. “

What did Kangana say?

In an interview to a news channel, Kangana said, “I gave an open challenge to Diljit to just say once that he is not Khalistani, but he did not do that. The work is being done to mislead the youth, He is shown a dream about Khalistan. “


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