Karan Mehra called the news of extra marital affair ‘false’, said- I did not cheat Nisha

Actress Nisha Rawal had recently lodged an FIR against her husband Karan Mehra accusing him of assault and later claimed in interview and press conference (Nisha Rawal allegation on Karan Mehra) that her husband is having an affair with some other woman. But Karan Mehra has denied these allegations and called the matter of affair false.

Karan Mehra arrested, then released on bail

After Nisha Rawal’s FIR, Mumbai Police arrested Karan Mehra on Tuesday. However, after a few hours, he was released on bail (Karan Mehra bail). After being released, where Karan Mehra made many allegations against wife Nisha Rawal, Nisha also accused Karan Mehra in the interview and then in the press conference that she had an extra-marital affair and she also read text messages in her husband’s phone.

Karan rubbished the allegations of extra-marital affair

But Karan Mehra has called these allegations false. According to the report of ‘Hindustan Times’, in an interview given to a news portal, Karan Mehra said, ‘All these allegations were bound to be made and my name would be added to many people. These are all bullshit. I have never cheated on Nisha nor do I have any extra-marital affair.

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In an interview given to ‘Aaj Tak’, Karan Mehra had said that he is being implicated in a false case. Nisha Rawal entered their room and abused the parents and then went out threatening that see what I do now. Karan Mehra had told that after this Nisha herself hit her head in the wall. He had also said that Nisha’s brother slapped him and hit him on the chest. During this time the CCTV cameras were also switched off.

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At the same time, in the press conference, Nisha Rawal accused Karan Mehra that he had an affair with someone else and he used to beat her often. Narrating the incident a night before Karan Mehra’s arrest, Nisha Rawal said that when she and her brother were discussing the amount of alimony with Karan, only then Karan went out of the room and as soon as she started leaving, Karan said Pulled his hair and hit his head against the wall.


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