Karan Mehra made serious allegations against Nisha as soon as she got bail – she spat on her face, hit her head in the wall

Mangalwal was arrested by the Mumbai Police after the popular TV actor Karan Mehra was accused of assault by his wife Nisha Rawal.Karan Mehra arrest) had taken place. However, after a few hours, he was released on bail (Karan Mehra bail). After being released on bail, Karan Mehra now wife Nisha Rawal (Karan Mehra allegation on wife) Nisha Rawal) made serious allegations.

In an interview to ‘India Today’, Karan Mehra told that things were going bad between him and wife Nisha Rawal for a long time. The two were trying to fix everything but were also wondering if they should part ways.

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Karan Mehra said – asked for a huge amount of alimony

Karan Mehra, who was seen in the role of Naitik in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, further revealed that Nisha Rawal’s brother Rohit Sethia also tried to resolve the differences between them. Karan has alleged that later Nisha and her brother Rohit asked him for a hefty amount of alimony. Karan Mehra also told that Nisha’s brother had also come home to meet her last night and suggested taking the legal route.

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‘Nisha spat on her face and hit herself in the wall’
Karan Mehra said that later when he went to the room to talk to his mother and was on the phone, Nisha came there and started abusing her. Nisha abused not only Karan but also his parents and brother. Karan said, ‘Nisha not only abused but also spat on my face. When I asked Nisha to leave, she threatened me and said, ‘Now look what I do.’ Then Nisha herself started hitting her head against the wall. Most told that I did it.’

There was a rift for a long time, Nisha had told the news of the scandal as false
Let us tell that there were problems in the married life of Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra for a long time. A source close to the couple had told our colleague Times of India that Karan and Nisha are going to be married for almost a decade, but things are not going well between the two for the past few months. Both are trying their best to resolve their differences and hope everything will be fine soon. When ETimes contacted Nisha Rawal to know about it, she had rubbished the news of Khatpat.

On May 31, Nisha filed a complaint alleging assault
But the matter is something else. On Monday night, Nisha Rawal filed a police complaint against Karan Mehra. Sources in Mumbai Police told ANI that Nisha Rawal filed a police complaint against Karan on the night of Monday, May 31, in Goregaon area. Nisha Rawal has accused Karan Mehra of being assaulted. After this, Karan Mehra was immediately taken into custody after registering a case. However, after a few hours, Karan Mehra was released on bail.

Nisha’s brother brutally beats up Karan

Karan Mehra told that not only Nisha but his brother also raised his hand on him. Nisha’s brother misbehaved with her. He said, ‘He slapped me, hit me on the chest too. I told his brother that I have not killed Nisha, if you want, you can also check the cameras of the house. But the cameras were already off. He then started recording the video and called the police. Then the police also did nothing because both of them also know what the truth is. If you file a false case, the truth will come out. If the investigation is done tomorrow, the truth will definitely come out.

Nisha taking Karan away from son

Karan Mehra is shocked that all this is happening in his life. He said that if Nisha asks for a huge amount of alimony, from where will he get the money? After all, he was doing all this for Kavish only. Talks could have solved the problem. Karan said, ‘My parents were also trying, but Nisha left. She is trying to take me away from my son.


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