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KBC: Who is 15-year quiz master Shlok Sand, who became a KBC expert

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In Season 12 of Kaun Banega Crorepati, Student Special Week is going on these days. That is, KBC has invited students as the contestant this whole week. If small children come as students and sit on the hot seat and surprise people with their knowledge, then this week, experts were also made wonderful children who have amazing ability.

Earlier this week, Kautilya from Haryana who went to Google Boy came as an expert, while the other experts are Shlok Sand of Pune. He is 15 years old and is the master of so many genres that you cannot live without being influenced by his specialties.

Shlok Sand himself is a Class 09 student of Pune’s renowned Bishop School Camp Pune, but he is also like any Google. You know so many things that you can wonder how they would have done this.

Genius in MathsIn KBC season 12 on Wednesday, host Amitabh Bachchan introduced him as a quiz master and a genius child in Math but who has made his identity more in the special style of storytelling.

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Who is Wonder Kid Shloka
When Shloka was being introduced, he smiled and said that he will try to help the competitive students sitting on the hot seat. Now we know who are the verses, why they have been given a great honor by calling them as experts in KBC but in true sense they are also entitled to it.

Has scored as a quiz master
Shlokas are generally not active in social media. Rather, they focus more on other things. For example, he is a quiz master. Under his leadership, his school team has become the champion of all the big quiz competitions in the country and this work has been going on for many years. They do not have the answer to every kind of question, but the way they tell all the things related to it, it seems that a lot of Google pages or encyclopaedia have fit in them.

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Is a master of storytelling
He won the storytelling competition about three years ago, when he was invited to meet famous literary writer and story writer Ruskin Bond, especially in Mussoorie. There is a special type of storytelling talent within the verse. He is called Master of the Art of Story Telling.


In this week, KBC made two children experts. The first was Kautilya Pandit and the second is Shlok Sand. Shlok studies class 09 at Pune’s Bishop School. His image is also of the quiz master. (Photo credit- sonyliv.com/)

Became Grand Master of Abacus at the age of 09
He started reading all kinds of things at the age of just 04 years. He is currently in Class 09. He is also considered as Master in Mental Math. When he was only 09 years old, he has become the youngest Grand Master of Abacus. Debates participate fiercely in competition. When they are asked to speak a subject, they get the spot with full knowledge.

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Active drama activist
His school has been giving him the Best Scholar Award for the last several years. Shlokas are also drama addicts, that is, they participate in their school play or similar activities. You are wondering if there is anything left after this, then we will say that yes, some of their specialties have to be told and the rest is left.

Master of computer programming too
Shlok of Pune is also a master at computer programming and when he gets time, he does not miss playing in the field with friends. For the time being, he has become a celebrity in Pune by coming as an expert in KBC.



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