Kevin Clark Death: ‘School of Rock’ actor Kevin Clark died in a road accident

Hollywood actor Kevin clark (Kevin Clark) has died in a road accident. Only 32-year-old Kevin died of a road accident in Chicago in the early hours of Wednesday. While the news of Kevin’s death is a wave of mourning in the industry, the fans are paying him tribute on social media. Kevin wrote the film ‘School of Rock’ (School of rock) Played the role of drummer Freddy ‘Spazzy Meggie’ Jones. Actor Jack Black posted Kevin’s death on Instagram (Kevin clark Death News) has expressed condolences.

Kevin’s bicycle hit the car
According to the Chicago police, Kevin was traveling on a bicycle on Wednesday morning when he collided with a car. Police on the spot took Kevin to the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in critical condition, where he succumbed shortly afterwards. Police said in their statement after the incident that Kevin Clarke was going by his bicycle eastbound on Logan Boulevard Road. Meanwhile, he was hit by a car going south on West Avenue.

A 20-year-old woman was driving a car
Police officials say the car that Kevin was driving was driving a 20-year-old woman. Actor Jack Black shared a photo of Kevin on Instagram and wrote, ‘Dreadful news … Kevin has left. Can’t believe it. ‘ Kevin did acting with Jack Black at ‘School of Rock’. Kevin continued to play drums even after this. Recently he also worked with the band Jess Bess and the Intentance.


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