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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are owners of property worth billions, $ 100 million investment in real estate

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Everything is not going well between the famous American celebrity Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West. For the past several months, reports of a rift in the relationship have been in the news. Both have been living separately for months. Now once again both are in discussion. It is reported that Kim Kardashian is going to apply for divorce from her husband Kanye West. According to reports, reality TV star Kim Kardashian is currently living in Los Angeles with her 4 children, while her husband rapper Kanye West is currently in their farmhouse in Wyoming. I am spending time It is reported that the marriage of these two has reached the verge of ending. Both were married in May 2014 and it is being told that Kim Kardashian is preparing to file the divorces. However, it has not been told yet when she will file the divorce.

These couples own billions of rupees. According to the Daily Mail report, his property was worth 2.2 billion dollars. Of these, Kanye’s property is 1.3 billion dollars while Kim’s property is worth 900 million dollars.

$ 105 million investment in real estate
Talking about the property of Kim and Kanye, approximately $ 100 million i.e. 7 billion rupees have been invested only in real estate. In 2014, he bought a 15,667 square feet mansion in California worth $ 20 million. After that, he again invested $ 20 million in renovation of that house. Kim’s mother, Chris Jenner, once tweeted that Kim and Kanye’s house is worth $ 60 million. In September 2019, Kim and Kanye bought a Wyoming ranch worth $ 14 million that raised livestock for about $ 2 million. . Kanye bought the second property for about $ 14 million, which was Bighorn Mountain Ranch.

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In 2018, Kanye bought a $ 14 million house for Kim near Miami Beach. Till 2013, they both lived in a mansion which was valued at $ 11 million.

Kim and Kanye have $ 3.8 million car collection
You will be surprised to know the price of this couple’s car collection. Kanye owns cars ranging from $ 180,000 to $ 209,000. At the same time he has Aston Martin, Mercedes for $ 1.6 million and Lamborghini for $ 750,000. Kim also has Bentley, Rolls Royce and BMW.

Kim and Kanye first met during a music video in 2004. Both of them got married in the year 2014.

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