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Kisan Andolan: Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said- farmers tell date, government ready to talk

New Delhi. Regarding the Kisan Andolan, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has once again said that the government is ready to talk. Tomar said on Tuesday that two days ago a letter was sent to the farmers for talks. The government wants to talk to the farmers. If he is ready to talk, then set the date, we are ready to talk. The Agriculture Minister said that there is nothing wrong in the government’s intention towards farmers. We are strongly telling the intention of the new laws and the benefits related to it to the farmers. Hope he understands our point.

Tomar said that the new laws have nothing to do with the minimum support price (MSP). MSP is an administrative decision. I myself have said in Parliament that we will continue the system of MSP. The Prime Minister has said many times that the MSP will continue. Tomar claimed that the government had increased the MSP by one and a half times. If the organizations have any suggestions, the government is ready to talk.

Farmers organizations invited on Sunday
Explain that the Central Government on Sunday invited farmers organizations protesting against the three agricultural laws on various borders of the capital Delhi and asked them to fix the date. The government has said that the concerns related to the amendments proposed earlier in the agricultural laws, the organizations should also tell. Vivek Agrawal, Joint Secretary, Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, has written a letter to 40 farmers’ organizations in this context. It said that the Center is making all possible efforts ‘with an open mind’ to resolve all the concerns of the farmers with an open mind. So far, five rounds of talks have been held with the government which have failed. Farmers’ organizations have already held a meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah, but the result has been zero.

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Aggarwal said that the government wants to convene the next meeting at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi so that the protests end as soon as possible. He said that the central government is making every effort to resolve all the issues raised by the farmers with an open mind.

A recent letter was also sent to Pal
Aggarwal said that in the draft proposal sent on December 9, the government has proposed to make necessary amendments on at least seven issues, including the ‘written assurance’ about continuation of the current MSP. But the organizations rejected that proposal. Darshan Pal, the state president of the Revolutionary Farmers Union, gave this email on December 16. A recent letter has also been sent to Pal.

In this, Agarwal said that the response given by the farmers organizations to the draft proposal of the government was ‘very brief’. The letter stated that no specific reason has been given in the reply to reject the draft proposal and that “it is not clear whether the said views were of you (Pal) or all organizations”.

This letter has been written on a day when Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in Kolkata that Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar can negotiate their demands with protesting groups in a day or two. Significantly, thousands of farmers are stuck on the borders of Delhi, demanding the withdrawal of new agricultural laws. The central government is introducing three new agricultural laws passed in September as major reforms in the agricultural sector, while the farmers who are protesting have expressed fears that the new laws will end the MSP (minimum support price) and mandi system and they will You will become dependent on big corporate.

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